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The deity is the best worship to come into the house


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No planet can do anything for those who are doing the cult properly.
Navagrahas also stand sub. The deity has such a power. The gods can change for everyone. But its power will be the same.
There are many reasons why not every home is good today. That is because houses are dominated by evil spirits.
Many people do not have the grace of the deity at home. Even if they worship God in a good way, there is no benefit.
One can worship a deity together as partners. Even if the partners worship like this, the deity will be giving all to only one person.
Many will be suffering. What causes this condition is that the person concerned will take the soil from the deity and worship it and turn it to their side.
It’s not happening now but it’s happening in a few places.
If you do not have the grace of the deity, you will not get any blessing no matter how big the mahana you worship in that house.
If your deity is a non-vegetarian deity, do so generously. We must not change the way our ancestors did.
Worship another deity. Didn’t say no. Even if you worship a pagan deity, you will get the blessings of that deity only if you go to the temple of other deities after worshiping your ancestral deity. If not available.
The reason for saying that deity worship is important is that only the deity of each person will benefit them. It is the truth of the saints who try and tell in many spiritual ways that even if you worship other deities, everything is available only through the deity. I’ll help you to find out if there is such an important deity in your house and maybe if your deity is outside the house, let those who do not know who the deity is know his heritage. That means if you tie this amazing bundle of heirloom bundles inside or outside the main entrance of your house your heirloom will search the house in at least 1 month.This is absolutely true.

This post is also available in: Tamil

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