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Saneeswaran (शनि, Śani) is one of the Navagrahas mentioned in Hindu astrology. According to Hindu mythology, he was born to the Sun God – Chaya Devi couple. Usually the crow is the vehicle. His leg is said to be slightly deformed and therefore slow / sluggish. Hence the name Manthan is given.


Saturn is God
மந்தாகரன் – மந்தமானவன் (மெதுவானவன்)
Sayaputra – Son of Sai (Sayaputra)
Thus various names are called Saneeswaran. He is the only one of the Navagrahas to have attained the degree of Easwara.

Sandhyadevi, the wife of Suryadeva, had lost her power due to having been carrying the sun and his heat nearby for a long time. So he went to the world and repented and intended to regain power. Sandhya, who was afraid to tell it to the sun, created a woman who looked like herself from her shadow. He named the girl Sayadevi because she emerged from the shadow.

Following this Sandhya went to the world to do penance, Sayadevi lived with the sun. A son named Saturn was born to Chaya. Born the son of the shadow, Saturn had a dark appearance. Seeing this, the Sun refused to accept Saturn as his son. Then Chaya burst into tears. Seeing this, Saturn became angry and turned his perverted gaze on the sun. Then there was an eclipse on the sun. Surprised by the power of Saturn, the Sun God asked Lord Shiva about Saturn. Lord Shiva said that Saturn was born to give benefits to all, regardless of whether they are gods, goddesses or people, according to their sinful deeds. Delighted by this, the Sun accepted Saturn as his son. Saturn realized his responsibility after growing up. Saturn separated from his parents and began to live in Saturn because he had to renounce affections to deliver justice without prejudice. No one, including Lord Shiva, escaped from the clutches of his perverted gaze.

Major temples:
Thirunallar Darbaranyeswarar Temple, Karaikal, Pondicherry
Kutchanur Saneeswaran Temple, Theni District, Tamil Nadu
Saneeswaran Temple Trincomalee, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)