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What is Thila Homam?


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Tila Homam is a homam made with black sesame as the main ingredient, which is regularly burned to get rid of Pitru Tosha and to attain the good state of the departed ancestors.
This takes about four hours to complete. This can be done in places like Thirupullani and Rameswaram. And he can do it at home.
Failure to perform proper karmas for the departed, all the karmas done will be with Tosha, those who have died due to artificial death will not be able to become Pitras without being satisfied with the karmas, will not be able to perform Shirat regularly every year, and Pitru Tosham will be removed by doing this.

Infertility caused by filial piety, or infertility, infertility, and stillbirth can be caused by such defects, and such defects must be burnt.
Unlike other homas, this tila homa, which is supposed to be done by invoking the dead as a ghost in a silver prime as in burying the dead, is not to be done at their place of residence.

It has to be done at common places like Rameswaram, Thiruvenkadu, Srivansiyam, Bhavani, Srirangapatna with the departed at the end of the homa. As an addition, the Pitru Primes should be dissolved in the ocean or immersed in the holy rivers and bathed so that the Pitru Tosham is removed and the children are born and live a long life.

Krishna Paksham Saturdays are the best days for Tila Homam, the days of the zodiac where Parani is the star of the new moon, and Tila Homam can be done by reciting the Gayatri Mantra at home in one’s own fire, which also removes all sins. Should be done, then the tila homam will give the full benefit.

However, such Tila Homa should not be done unnecessarily, and only those who are in need should take Tila Homa as they need to, just as those who are in need should take Tila Homa.
Is there a need to do Tila Homam? Tila Homa should be performed only after confirming the presence of Pitru Tosha through the horoscope, i.e. if Saturn is in the Buddha position (fifth) from Janma Lakna or Saturn has vision in the fifth, the child will not be blessed if the Guru of Saturn – vision – is present.

Since such defects are caused by Pitru Tosha, there is no other remedy for such Pitru Tosha other than Tila Homam. In such a situation, Tila Homam can be done.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)