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Zodiac Predictions – 14 June 2022


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How is today 14-06-2022?

Death Yoga till 06.32 pm followed by Amrit Yoga.

Nenthram – 2.

Jeevan – 1.

Full moon fasting.

Murugan worship is good.

Avoid new attempts.

Rahu time noon 03.00-04.30,

yama Kandam Morning 09.00-10.30,

Bath afternoon 12.00-1.30,

Auspicious hours are 8.00-9.00 am, 12.00-01.00 pm, 04.30-05.00 pm, 07.00-08.00, 10.00-12.00 pm.

Horoscope – 14.06.2022


Unnecessary confusion can occur because your zodiac sign is Chandrashtamam. It is better not to argue in vain with family. It is advisable to avoid large investments in business. Put off new endeavors. Anything needs attention.


Your zodiac sign causes fatigue and lethargy in your physical condition. You will have to spend a small amount for the children. Progress will be made after a short interruption in benevolent efforts. Profits will be increased by the advice of business associates. Debt problems will decrease somewhat.


You will end up doing the thing you thought was best for your zodiac. Get good news from the kids. Costume jewelry admission will occur. New ventures will bring success. Mind-blowing events take place in the office. The loans given are collectible.


Cash flow in your zodiac business is approx. There will be a delay in benevolent efforts. Get the cooperation of colleagues at work. The family will be supportive of the new initiatives being taken. Assistance is available through relatives. Worship is good.


Your zodiac sign may cost you more than you owe. The business affiliated with the topic of public relations rollout plans is ever expanding. Words of comfort from parents give new hope. Waste can be avoided if acted upon with care and responsibility.


This day will be a day to showcase your talents to your zodiac. There will be peace and tranquility in the family. Officers make good progress at work. Business will be better. Sanctions will be lifted. Amenities lend a hand.


Your zodiac sign can only be successful if you do anything bravely. Depression can be caused by relatives in the family. Obstacles to new business start-ups will gradually be removed. Get the long awaited bank loan.


Your zodiac relatives will create a happy atmosphere in the family. Good progress will be made in benevolent endeavors. Some people get high positions in the office. Expected profit in business. With the help of friends the problems that existed so far will be solved.


Children of your zodiac sign can cause you stress. There will be economic crises. You can avoid unnecessary problems by following up with those who are on the job. Professional travel brings benefits.


Your zodiac sign will bring good fortune in the family. Physical health will be better. Delightful performances will take place as relatives visit. Competitive jealousies in business will decrease. You will enjoy buying new products. There will be new changes in the office.


Your zodiac sign may remove problems in the family and make you happy. Pride is joined by children. Get introduced to the new person on the job. May be interested in buying luxury items. Trying to start a new business pays off. Physical health is stable.


Your zodiac sign may have minor disagreements with business associates. There will be a delay in getting the expected assistance. There will be favorable benefits in well-being. Get their support by adapting to those at work.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)