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Tips for a prosperous house


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It is best for us to follow these spiritual tips so that the house will always be prosperous, and wealth, pleasure and all kinds of good things will remain.

1. Do not stand in the doorway to give money to someone. Both the giver and the buyer must pay / buy from inside the doorstep.

2. To stay rich, to grow, it is advisable to pay, buy and walk on Tuesdays, Tuesdays. The giver will get a refund. The buyer can refund. It’s great to have a refund happen on Tuesday.

3. Do not sit on the doorstep, url, aatukkal, ammi.

4. Milk, buttermilk and water should not be allowed to be carried by others at night. Betel leaves and banana leaves should not be allowed to rot. Beetroot should not be placed on the ground.

5. The burning candle should not be extinguished automatically and the blower should not be extinguished. Should be extinguished by the flower.

6. Do not plan to call anyone Saturn at home. Not to mention wake up.

7. Do not wear excessively torn clothes. Do not sew while wearing clothes. Do not spill salt on the floor. When washing the rice, do not spill it on the floor.

8. Wealth will increase by cultivating Lakshmi Kataksham in your homes.

9. Hanuman will come in search of the place where the name Rama is pronounced. There was not even a need to call him there. Similarly, where Sriman Narayanan’s pride is spoken of, his mother automatically arrives at the place where his songs are played. Therefore, it is necessary to chant Venkatesh Subrapadam in the morning and Vishnu Sahasranama in the evening at home. Wealth will come automatically in those homes.

10. Lakshmi Kataksham will grow if there is a nelly tree in the house. Mahalakshmi resides in the nelly tree as the nelly tree is an aspect of Vishnu. Nellikkani is also known as Haripalam. Nelly is also a tree belonging to Lakshmi Kubera. The house where the gooseberry is will be full of divine grace. No evil forces are inaccessible. The water available under the gooseberry is very tasty without being salty.

11. Sumangali, Purana Aquarius, Turmeric, Saffron, Thiruman, Soornam, Kolam, Sandalwood, Banana, Mango Toranam, Betel, Lantern, Elephant, Cow, Glass, Palm, Lamp are all very dear to Lakshmi.

12. Come to the Tulsi Madam three times daily with the lights on.

13. What if you buy a fruit for the cows and buy them fodder and feed them when crores of people are looking for blessings? Kubera is drinking with cows Komata Puja is equivalent to Kubera Puja.

14. To sustain wealth, we can raise white doves in our homes.

15. Conch, gooseberry, cow dung, kojalam, lotus flowers, clean clothes are good to have at home.

16. When he wakes up in the morning he should look at his palms, cow, temple tower, portrait of the Lord.

17. Daily lighting is special. The 5-faced lantern is even more special on Tuesdays and Fridays.

18. Just say bulb hiring or trekking. Never use the word ‘turn off’. It’s a shame.

19. The lamp should not be let go automatically, and the blow should not be employed. Do not trek the flower either. So how do you do all this cool stuff? Ask like that. The lamp should always be lit with stone. Right?

20. There should be no fighting or strife in the house. Do not speak obscene words. The lamp should be lit at six o’clock in the evening. Do the best you can for the disabled or poor students.

21. Poverty will not be in the house where there is delicious pickle for the meal. So always have a variety of pickles in your home without shortage.

22. Ms. will settle in any house where women are treated with dignity and in any house where women are smiling and happy.

23. Saffron and water should be provided to the carrying women coming home. Giving them turmeric will take away the sins committed in many generations and increase blessings, meaning and happiness.

24. No matter what, do not say no. Needless to say this item has to be purchased.

25. Mahalakshmi lives in the homes of women who do not quarrel and do not fight.

26. Touching yoghurt, nearby grass, cow etc., being honest, visiting elders often, going to the temple and seeing the deity will give wealth.

27. Anger should not be shown to children, the elderly, or the sick. All the benefits come to those who use pleasant good words to hear. The deity will help the compassionate. The world bows its head to those who have a heart of love.

28. Rice, salt and ghee should not be served by hand. Serve only with a spoon. Hand-served rice, salt and ghee are equivalent to holy cow.

29. Women should not exchange anything without wearing bracelets. Do not rub oil in the bath on the new moon. It is beneficial to buy salt on Fridays. Do not dump rubbish outside the house at night.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)