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Zodiac Predictions – 15 June 2022


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15-06-2022, Jan 01, Wednesday, Prime Tithi till 01.32 pm followed by Teaser Praise.

By star then blast until 03.33 in the daytime.

Death Yoga till 03.33 pm followed by Amrit Yoga. Charcoal day.

Avoid new attempts.

Rahu kaalam 12.00-1.30 pm,

Yama kandam Morning 07.30-09.00,

Kuligai time 10.30 – 12.00,

Auspicious hours are 06.00-07.00, 09.00-10.00 in the morning, 1.30-2.00 in the afternoon, 04.00-05.00 in the evening, 07.00-09.00, 11.00-12.00 in the evening.

Horoscope – 15.06.2022


Your zodiac sign may have health problems such as arm and leg pain and fatigue. Children incur unnecessary expenses. There will be opportunities for the government to get the expected assistance. There will be good changes in the business of the industry and the income will increase.


Unnecessary worries will appear for your zodiac sign. Since your zodiac sign is Chandrashtamam, there will be vain waves. It is advisable to avoid talking to strangers. It is better to put off new endeavors. Long journeys require attention.


Your zodiac will have sudden deliveries in the family. You will be interested in buying luxury items. Pride is joined by children. The support of superiors at work will bring happiness. Get the help you expect. Negotiations can end smoothly.


The thing you thought would happen well for your zodiac sign. Get good news from the kids. Disagreements with family will disappear. Positive efforts pay off. New partners will join in the business.


Your zodiac sign may be short of cash. There will be medical expenses in the family. Vain problems caused by relatives. It is better to follow the bosses in the office. Get the support of big men for business ventures.


Economic status will be better for your zodiac. Expected assistance will be available in a timely manner. Big men will be supportive of the efforts they make for business growth. Debt collection. Meeting old friends can be fun.


Even if the cash flow in your zodiac family is generous, there will be expenses accordingly. Children cause unnecessary problems along the way. Colleagues on the job will be supportive. Get the friendship of great men. The credit crunch will be somewhat reduced.


All the actions you do for your zodiac sign will bring success. Delightful performances will take place with the arrival of relatives in the family. There will be new job opportunities for job seekers. In business, even enemies can become friends.


Relatives in your zodiac family will incur unexpected expenses along the way. Disagreements can arise between husband and wife. Advantages come from adapting to those who are with you. Your reputation in the industry and business will prevail.


Involvement in work for your zodiac officers will decrease. Interruptions can occur in well-being. Disagreements within the family will disappear. The advice of friends will give new impetus. Professionals can make a profit by making small changes in their business.


Income will be better in business for your zodiac sign. Property-related negotiations have a positive effect. The workload for the officers will be reduced. External loans are collected today. Obstacles to marital well-being will be removed.


Family unity in your zodiac sign is declining. Indigenous property can cause disturbances and waste. Siblings will be helpful. Get the expected relocation at work. Business-related travel offers new opportunities.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)