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Right-handed conch that gives perpetual good luck


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Valampuri Sangu / Dakshinavarti Shankh

Valampuri brings happiness to your family and also helps your business to grow rapidly without any hurdles. It also fulfills all your genuine wishes. I am using this Valampuri Shankh for the past 10 years and achieved a lot by doing regular pooja to Lord Shiva Idol, Lord Vishnu Idol and Lord Maha Lakshmi Idol. With the help of Valampuri Sangu Small Size we can do abhishekam to all God’s Idols and get great success. Hope you also do the same to get success.

What is the Speciality of valampuri sangu?

Dakshinavarti Shankh (Valampuri Sanggu is a sacred Hindu object otherwise known in English as a conch shell. It is the shell of a large sea snail from the Indian Ocean (a shell of the species Turbinella pyrum), but one that has a very rare reverse-turning spiral.

What is the benefit of shankh?

Keeping a shankh or conch shell in the house helps get rid of Vastu dosha and bring good luck and prosperity. A shankh is considered auspicious and its sound invites peace, prosperity and luck at home. Shankh or shankham in Sanskrit, stands for shum, meaning something good, and kham, meaning water.

Which shankh is good for home?

Conch shells are regarded sacred and Vastu guidelines must be followed when keeping them at home. Do note here that right-handed conch shells are auspicious and keeping them at home attracts good luck, wealth and prosperity in the household. Also, experts say that conch shell has health benefits, too

How can I keep sangu in pooja room?

According to Vastu Shastra, one should place the shankh on the right hand side of the puja room and for installation, one should first wash the conch and read the mantra while washing. The mantra is – “Sudarsnastrayafat”

What is inside sangu?

The sangu is a conch shell primarily used in religious music of Hinduism and Buddhism. The shell is got from the shell of a large predatory sea snail, the Turbinella Pyrum that lives in the Indian ocean. The main body of the shell is oblong or conical

Is conch good for your health?

For starters, it’s a good source of lean protein. In addition, this unusual seafood is a good source of iron and calcium. And according to FishWatch, it is high in vitamin E and B12, both nutrients proved to support sexual health. It is also a source of magnesium, selenium and folate

Benefits of the shankh (conch)

  • Attracts good luck and prosperity.
  • Removes obstacles.
  • Invites abundance and blessings.
  • Attracts wealth.
  • Gives prosperity and peace.
  • Eliminate Vastu dosha and attract good fortune.

To know more about how to maintain Conch in tamil watch this video

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)