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Zodiac Predictions – 16 June 2022


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16-06-2022, Jun 02, Thursday, Praise Tithi till 09.45 am followed by Theipirai Tritiya.
Puradam star till 12.37 pm then Uttaradam.
Disillusionment throughout the day.
Rahu kaalam – Noon 01.30-03.00,
yama Kandam- Morning 06.00-07.30,
Kuligai Morning 09.00-10.30,
Auspicious Hours – 09.00-11.00 am, 01.00-01.30 pm, 04.00-06.00 pm, 08.00-09.00 pm.

Horoscope – 16.06.2022


Your cash flow for your zodiac sign will be approx. There will be a slight decline in physical health. Money problems can be alleviated with the help of relatives. Get the support and cooperation of family members in your business development endeavors. Income will increase.


Your zodiac sign will have minor effects on your physical health. Vain problems in business. Since your zodiac sign is Chandrastha, you need to focus on giving and receiving. It is better not to trust others and make any promises.


You will be found physically weak in your zodiac. There will be unrest in the family. Employees will cooperate in professional business. Cash flow will reduce the debt problem to some extent. Some get the expected promotions on the job.


Everything you touch on your zodiac sign will succeed. The government will get the expected assistance along the way. New business deals will be signed. The grievances between the husband and wife will disappear. The amount due from outside will come in handy.


Your zodiac will incur wasted expenses by relatives in the family. Cash flow will be low. It is good to pay some attention to physical health. Business partners will be supportive. Indirect protests in office will be eliminated.


Your zodiac sign will give new impetus to your mind. With the help of friends good progress can be made in business. New opportunities are available. Coworkers at work will act positively. Prosperity and happiness abound in the family.


Your zodiac sign can be wasted by relatives on you. It is good to pay some attention to physical health. The friendship of great men will bring about good change. The business affiliated with the topic of public relations rollout plans is ever expanding. Auspicious things go hand in hand.


Good news will come to your zodiac through friends. Adding new material will bring happiness. Benefit by children. You will get the love and support of the bosses in the office. Positive benefit in professional litigation matters.


For your zodiac you will have to face problems with determination. Unnecessary disagreements with family appear. Vehicles can incur wasted costs. Anything needs attention. Relatives will be on the sidelines. Worship gives peace of mind.


It is good to follow those who are with your zodiac sign to successfully complete the thing you have taken. The alternative view of the adults in the family will reduce the peace of mind. The advice and cooperation of the partners will lead to good progress in the business.


The economy in your zodiac family will be the best. Get good solutions to your problems through relatives. The idea of ​​starting a new business will come true. Giving and buying can be profitable. Old debts will pay off and make you happy.


There will be entertaining performances by relatives in your zodiac family. There will be an expected change for some in the office. There will be good progress in the auspicious endeavor. Help is readily available through friends. Business problems will decrease.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)