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Navadhaya bundle for Family deity


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Navadhanyam Bundle: The Navadhanyam mix bundle contains 9 grains, which will enhance business and family wealth. It has been said by our forefathers that it is best to stay away from the recession in the industry and the customer will come to us if you are self-employed.

Also in this bundle of Navadhanyams I have put paddy, wheat, sorghum, sesame, green gram, legumes, peanuts, and sorghum because navdhaniyam will bring us the blessings of the Navagraha God and lush greenery.

Navadhaya bundle for Family deity

The system of the nine planets or planets in our solar system is said to have an impact on the world and every person.

It is believed that worshiping these planets will alleviate the suffering caused by ancient karmas. The nine lentils used in practice, moving to Navadanya’s physical health benefits (offered to the nine planets) have a variety of health benefits and can be used to balance the doshas.

Here is a list of cosmic/Navagrahas influences:

  • Wheat: An offering to the sun
  • Rice: An offering to the moon
  • Pulses: Offerings for Mars
  • Chickpeas: Offerings for Thursday
  • Moong Beans: Offer for Wednesday
  • White beans: An offering to Venus
  • Black Sesame: Offerings for Saturn
  • Indian black lentils: An offering to Rahu
  • Horsetail: An offering to Ketu

Ayurvedic Benefits of Navadhanyam:

These techniques, such as herbal remedies, use herbs, spices, and herbs to create effective therapies.

Ayurveda first detects the defects optimizing the bile, bile, gum and uses effective herbal medicines to ensure the functioning of the organs and the whole system.

Ayurveda laid its foundations with the teachings of ancient Hindu philosophy, named the Vaishnava School of Thought and the School of Nyaya Logic. These schools helped to understand the inherent fundamental properties of the material that formed the basic principles of pharmacology in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is closely associated with Hinduism, combining both scientific and spiritual, with diet and lifestyle as healing factors with medicines.

Worship of gods and goddesses with offerings is a common ritual in Hinduism because food is considered Brahman or exalted.

An essential part of Hindu pujas and rituals is the offering of navdhaniyam (nine sacred grains) to the nine planets or planets on auspicious occasions like Navratri and Graha Pravesam (house warming), which is also a powerful health ingredient in Ayurveda.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)