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What is death? Where does the soul go after death?


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What is death? Death is the end of life. We can not leave it aside. Can’t opt ​​out. Can’t guess what’s going to happen. We are currently talking about death. Is it physically related? Spiritual change? Which is something we don’t know about anyway. If we think deeply about death we can try to know some differences in the strange world.

Signs of Lord Shiva telling Parvati about death.

According to the Shiva Purana, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva what would happen after the soul leaves one’s body after death. To which Lord Shiva said 17 types of symptoms.

According to Lord Shiva, if a person’s body turns pale yellow or white or slightly red, he is near death.

His days are numbered if he cannot see his reflection in water, oil or glass.

If a person lives a month longer than his life he will not be able to see his shadow. Only his headless shadow can be seen. If one only sees the color black one can know that his death is near. One’s left hand

He would have died within a week if he had been dragged out for a week. If one sees the sun, moon and sky in red, his death will come in six months.

If a person’s mouth, tongue, ears, eyes and nose become like stones, it means that death is near.

Bhagavad Gita about death:

What is death? Cannot be cut by any weapon; Can not burn; No water can soak; No wind can keep him dry; He is uncut.

Incombustible. Unable to dry. He is eternal, omnipresent, fixed, immobile, He came from eternity, Invisible; You should not grieve because it is unthinkable and irresistible to change; Death is certain for everyone who is born. The birth of a dead person is inevitably mourned.

Gautama Buddha on death:

The forms and illusions in this world were created by our knowledge. They too are subject to our delusion. Whether a man is alive or dead, in our consciousness in the real formless world, you may ask, whether man will live after death, I will not say, that all knowledge is that when a man dies all dies. Now you may ask, when a man dies he dies as a whole, I will not say, what he dies for or what he dies for is all an illusion.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)