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Statue of Ganesha bestowing good fortune


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Hindu Lord Ganesha is the Lord of the achievement and destroyer of evils and obstacles. It is said that his attendance in any Avatar brings affluence to a home or the office.

The brass Ganesh idol is the representation of fortune and prosperity. It is an immense statue for those who desire to greet good quality luck in their life.

The Ganpati Bappa is trouble-free to move toward deity among all the deities. Brass Ganesha form is extremely attractive and attention-grabbing.


There’s a reason why Lord Ganesha is worshiped before undertaking any new endeavours. A symbol of joy, happiness, and success, the elephant god blesses his devotees with prosperity and fortune since time immemorial.

He’s considered to be the remover of obstacles because he himself overcame lots of troubles.

Purpose: Remember the deep meaning behind Lord Ganesh every time you see his image. He’s meant to show us the pathway to happiness, inner peace, and success in life.

He’s a symbol of perseverance in the face adversity. He is like the human spirit, in the form of an idol.

Placement: Most people are not aware there are specific places to put the idol to reinforce the vibration of success and happiness. According to vastu, the best placement of idols is the Northeast corner of the house.

This is also the best location to set up the pooja room (meditation spot), as it is known as the ishaan corner. The northeast corner of the house is the best place to set up the pooja room.

This is the best place for your idol and offer prayers. In case northeast corner is unavailable, you can place the elephant god in such a way that the idol faces west or north zone.

If the north direction is free, use it to place your Ganesha idol as it is considered auspicious and the abode of Lord Shiva, father of Lord Ganesha.

The Vigneshwara Ganesh: People seeking happiness, peace, and prosperity should bring Vigneshwara Ganesha home. Sitting Ganesh for the home: The idol of sitting Ganesha idol is best for the house because he represents a calm but determined demeanour.

This is the exact kind of energy you want at home. Position of the trunk: The idol of sitting Ganesha with his trunk tilted towards his left hand should be placed in a house.

It represents happiness and success. Lord Ganesha with his trunk tilted towards his right hand is difficult to please because it represents the power of the sun that can ‘burn’ if strict rituals are not adhered to. Also, make sure that your idol is fat and happy.

Small details: Whenever you place the idol of Lord Ganesha, remember that the mouse and modak (Indian sweet) should be a part of the statue. This is auspicious and integral to his purpose.

The mouse represents material desire. This can be ridden to their completion but should never disturb inner peace. Sweets represent not getting distracted by pleasure; hence, they’re left untouched.

According to vastu, ideally, the trunk of the sitting Ganesha should be tilted towards his left. This symbolises happiness and success. So, when you’re out there looking for that pretty idol to get home, make sure that you give special attention to the trunk.

An idol with a trunk tilted towards its right is hard to please since it represents the power of the sun and one has to follow rituals religiously while worshipping it.

Bring happiness and wealth by placing the idol of Lord Ganesha in your home. The elephant God is considered very auspicious by all Indians.

He is the God of prosperity and good health. Therefore, every Indian worship him before any other deities. By honoring him, all Indians mark the starting of any event.

Details that you shouldn’t ignore for an idol of Lord Ganesha
1. If you want harmony and wealth in your home, place a white idol of the Ganesha in the right direction.

2. Never face it towards the south.

3. Always pay attention to the carvings; his idol should have the Mouse and his favourite sweet, Modak.

Where to place the idol?

By placing Lord Ganesha’s idol in the north-east, north, or west direction, the energies in your house will automatically transform.

One can set the idol in the living room to guard off the negative energy entering your home. By placing an idol in the living room, it will help maintain harmony in the house.

The most important place is on your study table; he is the God of intelligence and will help you focus better.

However, never place his idol near the washroom or bathroom. Keeping it in the South direction isn’t advisable.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)