Friday, March 31, 2023



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Uthirattadi star followed by Revathi till 05.03 pm

Amirtayogam followed by Siddhayogam till 05.03 pm.

Bhairav ​​- Murugan worship is good.

Avoid new attempts.

Rahu kaalam 03.00-04.30,

Yama Kandam Morning 09.00-10.30,

Kuligai afternoon 12.00-1.30,

Auspicious hours 8.00-9.00 am, 12.00-01.00 noon, 04.30-05.00 pm, 07.00-08.00, 10.00-12.00 pm




Your zodiac sign will be disturbed by children. Disagreements with friends appear. Problems can be avoided by leaving the family.

Get professionally anticipated bank loans. Relatives will be helpful.


You will finish any task for your zodiac with determination. A happy atmosphere prevails in the family.

The children will be supportive. Problems with partners in the industry will be solved. Profits are made by native assets. The thought will come true.


Cash flow will be better for your zodiac. You will enjoy buying new products. Unity at work with co-workers.

Prosperity in marriage auspicious endeavors. Problems in business will be solved with the help of friends.

There will be barrier delays in the actions you take for your zodiac. Mental disorders occur with adults in the family.

It is better to leave it to others. Get the expected profit on the business. The support of great men will give new impetus to the mind.


Your zodiac sign will cause unnecessary tensions in the family. It is better to be cautious in the matter of giving and taking as your zodiac sign is Chandrastha.

Avoid futile arguments with others. Officers need to focus on the task at hand.


Physical health will be consistent for your zodiac sign. Suddenly good news arrives in the family. Brothers and sisters will be friendly.

Opportunities to go abroad for work. Competitive jealousies in business will decrease. Debt problems will be solved.


Your zodiac relatives will have a lot of expenses along the way. Disagreements with family will disappear.

Friends will be positive. Problems in the office will decrease. Traveling as a business venture can make a difference.

Your zodiac can cause financial crises in the family. Unnecessary problems appear through relatives.

Benefits are available even if the disturbance is increased by the native property. Profits can be achieved by making small changes in the industry.


Crisis can be caused by superiors on the job for your zodiac officers. It is better to adjust to those who are with you.

Savings will be reduced by unnecessary expenses in the family. The advice of friends in business will pay off. Health is stable.


Business is better for your zodiac sign. Get the cooperation of the family for new ventures.

Disagreements with children will disappear. Will win in property related litigation matters. There will be new product additions.


For your zodiac you will be found to be inactive in any matter. Unexpected relocation for some in the office can be stressful.

Relatives will be somewhat helpful. There will be good progress in business. Success in benevolent endeavors.


You will actively complete any task for your zodiac sign. The stress caused by the children will go away. The family may be happy with the arrival of relatives.

Officers get the support of superiors. Expected cash flow and requirements met.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)