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Zodiac Predictions – 22 June 2022


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Zodiac Preciction – 22 June 2022

22-06-2022, Jan 08, Wednesday, Navami Tithi till 08.46 pm followed by Teaser Dasami.

Revathi star all day.

Avoid new endeavors and trips.

Rahu Kaalam 12.00-1.30 pm,

Yama Kandam Morning 07.30-09.00,

Kuligai 10.30 – 12.00,

Auspicious hours are 06.00-07.00, 09.00-10.00 in the morning, 1.30-2.00 in the afternoon, 04.00-05.00 in the evening, 07.00-09.00, 11.00-12.00 in the evening.

Horoscope – 22.06.2022


Increase the workload for your zodiac officers. Minor wastage by children. It is better to act frugally in any matter to deal with cash crises.

New partners will join in the business. Giving requires more focus on the transaction.


Your zodiac will get the expected profit from the native assets. You will succeed by doing the thing you thought you would do.

There are many rewards to getting married. You will be more interested in buying luxury items.


The arrival of a relative to your zodiac sign will increase the happiness in the family. Progress will be made in benevolent endeavors. The friendship of great men will give hope to the mind.

Business can be profitable if you think and act. Travel can be an advantage.


You will find restlessness in your zodiac. There will be a drag on property-related negotiations.

Favorable benefit can be achieved if the officers follow the superiors. Cash flow will be somewhat better. Family needs are met.


There will be minor squabbles and arguments in the family as your zodiac sign is Chandrastha. Prohibition may cause delays in the process.

Avoid amenities. Officers must exercise restraint when talking to their superiors.


Cash flow will be generous to your zodiac sign. Brothers and sisters will be supportive. Attempts to purchase new tools related to the industry will yield favorable results.

There will be good progress in marital well-being. Meeting friends brings happiness.


For your zodiac sign you will engage in spiritual pursuits and enjoy the mind. Children will behave responsibly.

Expected assistance from the government is readily available. A few people have the yoga of buying gold. Expected profit in business.


Even if the cash flow is generous to your zodiac, there will be costs accordingly. Unnecessary disagreements can arise in the family.

Debt problems can be solved with the help of relatives. The co-operation of colleagues at work is excellent.


Your zodiac sign will have minor ailments in the body. May be subject to the dissatisfaction of the adults in the family.

Businesses can make a profit by being lenient with their purchases. It is good to follow up with colleagues at work.


Your zodiac sign will solve the problems in the family and will be at ease. Benefit from Native Assets.

Uttara relatives will help you understand your need. Officially there will be external friendships. The income in the business will be satisfactory.


Unwanted problems will appear by relatives to your zodiac. You may have to buy loans to cover family expenses.

Physical health requires focus. Profits can be made by making small changes in the business. Get help from friends.


Your zodiac sign has the courage to finish any difficult task easily. Employees at work will act responsibly.

Professional bank loans are readily available. May the family be happy. May restrain well-being hand.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)