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Headlines: 23-June-2022


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Headlines: 23-June-2022

19.00 PM

Corona increase echo:

Minister Ma Subramanian has announced that the 31st Mega Vaccination Camp will be held on July 10 in Tamil Nadu in response to the Corona increase.

18.00 PM

HR&CE recovered 50 crore worth of Kalatheeswarar temple property 


Property worth Rs 50 crore of Kalatheeswarar temple in Tiruvallur was recovered from the invaders. The recovered property was handed over to the temple administration.

17:30 PM
Sivagangai: More than 15 people were injured in a cow attack

Sivagangai District Karaikudi South Street people held a manchurian competition in the year 74 for more than 300 bulls. More than 15 people were injured when bulls hit them during the competition. The lively Manchu drive was watched by a large number of people from the surrounding areas including Sivagangai, Devakottai, Tiruputhur, Singampunari and Karaikudi.

17:15 PM
Cuddalore: Minister for Agrarian Welfare and Agriculture MRK Panneerselvam paid homage to the bodies of three persons who died in an explosion at a firecracker shed. He expressed his condolences to the victims and their families in the blast. District Collector Balasubramaniam, District Superintendent of Police Sakthi Ganesan and Mayor of the Corporation Sundari Raja were present.

17:00 PM
Chennai: The foster father was sentenced to 8 years in prison

Chennai: A special court in Chennai has sentenced a foster father to eight years in prison for sexually abusing a girl. Shabi, who hails from the old Washermenpet area of ​​Chennai, had been sexually abusing his second wife’s daughter. The case was registered at the Old Washermenpet All Women’s Police Station in connection with the complaint and the case was being heard in the Chennai Bokso Special Court. In this case, Judge M. Rajalakshmi sentenced Shabi to 7 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 25,000.

16:45 PM
A protest was held in front of the Salem District Collector’s Office on behalf of the Joint Action Committee of the Tasmag Trade Unions, demanding that Tasmag employees be made permanent and paid for a period of time.

16:30 PM
A public hearing was held near Palani on the disqualification of the panchayat leader. This has caused a stir as a large number of policemen have been deployed on security duty.

16:15 PM
Tirupati District: Students walk out of JEE Mains exam

The College of Packaging Arts is located in the Adiyoor area of ​​Tirupati district. The JEE Mains Paper Two Examination was held today at the college level across India. Students could not write the correct exam because the question paper in the architecture exam called B.Arch was not correct and the college institute said that it was a network problem. As a result, more than 50 students walked out without writing the exam.

16:10 PM
Rs 3 lakh relief each to the families of the victims of the fire: Chief Minister MK Stalin

‘Rs 3 lakh each will be given to the families of the victims of the firecracker factory explosion in Cuddalore. I extend my deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the accident. I have ordered special treatment for Vasantha who was injured in the accident ‘- Chief Minister MK Stalin

16:00 PM
The 122nd birthday of the translator Tiyagi Pattukottai Alagiri was celebrated critically. On behalf of the government, the district administration chief paid homage to the statue of Alagiri by wearing a garland and sprinkling flowers.

16:00 PM
Modernization of new bus stand at Valliyoor

Appavu, Speaker of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly has initiated the modernization of a new bus stand at a cost of 12.13 crore rupees under the Artist Urban Development Project in Valliyoor, Nellai District.

16:00 PM
A decision on single leadership will be made in the coming General Assembly

Newly elected AIADMK leader Tamil Magan Hussain has said that a decision will be taken on a single leadership in the forthcoming general body and that the co-ordinator and deputy coordinator will decide on the convening of the general body.

15:45 PM
The General Assembly has no authority to convene: OPS

In an interview with O. Panneerselvam, it was stated that the General Assembly does not have the authority to convene a meeting and that it should be decided by the Coordinator and Co-Coordinator.

15:30 PM
The District Registrar’s Office had earlier staged a sit-in protest

DMK city councilors besieged the district registrar’s office and staged a protest demanding the return of their land from those who had sold the land with the help of a co-conspirator by preparing fake deeds for land that was not in Tirupati.

15:30 PM
I saw the paper being thrown over the OBS – Actress Vindhya approves

15:10 PM
In Mayiladuthurai Kumbabhishekam, the female police officer who closed the sari and put it behind the sari to prevent the women from stealing the jewelery, continued to insist on covering the jewelery with the sari.

15:00 PM
BJP state president Annamalai Thiru Nagarajan visits O Panneerselvam’s house. AIADMK district secretary and former minister Benjamin was pushed by unidentified guards

His supporters pushed the barrier and Benjamin entered with a bloody wound

14:50 PM
The incident where 2 leopards tried to hunt a leopard that came into the residential area during the day in Udagai has caused fear among the public.

14:45 PM
The AIADMK general body meeting was sparked for some time as his supporters staged a protest in Coimbatore alleging that the party’s co-ordinator, OBS, had been insulted.

14:30 PM
A woman with her son, sister and brother-in-law tried to set fire to a Tambaram police station before she could take action against her second-married husband for cheating on her.

13:45 PM
At the Corporation Health Committee meeting held in Coimbatore, various resolutions were passed including permission to provide Rs. 25 lakhs for the purchase of medicines for Ayurvedic and Siddha pharmacies.

Cuddalore m. Four killed in Puthur blast

13:30 PM
If the AIADMK coordinator and co-coordinator do not approve the election results by the 30th, the posts will expire.

There will be no legal recognition for those dual leadership positions that the OBS wants. But the next general meeting is set to take place in July, thus making the term likely to expire

12:30 PM
Bottles of water and papers were reportedly thrown at the OPS as they left the crowd. Announcement that the next General Assembly will be held on July 11th

12:15 PM

O. Panneerselvam and Vaithilingam walked out of the public meeting claiming that it was an illegal public meeting. Former Minister Jayakumar hails as Edappadi Palanisamy

11:45 AM
We reject all types of resolutions as former Minister C.V. Slogan on Shanmugam stage. EPS, OPS flower sprinkling tribute to MGR, Jayalalithaa films placed on public meeting platform

11:15 AM
When EPS came to the General Assembly, his supporters chanted “No, no, no dual leadership”.

11:00 AM
Edappadi Palanisamy was welcomed to play the accordion.

10:45 AM
Vaithilingam stepped down from the stage as protest slogans were raised in the public. Volunteers chanted anti-OPS slogans inside the AIADMK General Assembly hall.

10:30 AM

AIADMK General Body Meeting: OBS-EPS vehicle stuck in traffic jam.

Heavy security at Sri Waru Mandapam in Vanakaram. Inside the hall, outside, a total of 2000 police concentrated on the connecting roads.

As the AIADMK general assembly is about to take place, the Vajra vehicle used to control the violence has been brought

10:15 AM

Chief Minister MK Stalin today advised on monsoon impacts and precautionary measures.

Deputy Governor Tamilisai Selandarajan flagged off an awareness drive in Pondicherry on the eve of International Drug Eradication Day with the participation of more than 500 police personnel.

09:50 AM
Echo of the AIADMK public meeting

On the Poonamallee-Bangalore National Highway, Vanakaram is stuck in a traffic jam for about five kilometers.

Everyone is suffering from overcrowding as those who go to work go to school. This has caused heavy traffic congestion in the area.

09:45 AM
Schools reopen in Pondicherry today after summer vacation

09:30 AM
AIADMK general body meeting to be held in Vanakaram, about 5 km from Poovirunthavalli to Maduravayal heavy traffic congestion.

Those who go to school and those who go to work suffer greatly. Volunteers visit. The OBS-EPS departed for the General Assembly

08:00 AM
I will go to the AIADMK General Body meeting, I have to file the budget, I have to do it- O. Panneerselvam, Volunteers in front of the OPS House Dance Bottom Celebration!

07:15 AM

Atmospheric downward circulation over Tamil Nadu.

Due to this, there will be light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning in a few places in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry on the 23rd.

07:00 AM
In a tense political situation, the AIADMK The General Assembly convenes today The AIADMK, with the security of 2,500 policemen, is in a tense political situation.

The General Assembly convenes today (Thursday). The Chennai High Court yesterday dismissed the petition seeking an injunction against the public meeting.

06:45 AM
Booking of train tickets to go home for Deepavali starts today
Train ticket booking for the Deepavali festival starts at 8 am today.

06:30 AM
Appeal case seeking an injunction against the General Assembly
There is no impediment to holding the AIADMK General Assembly. The meeting can be held as planned. The General Assembly can discuss and decide on 23 resolutions.

However, the judges ruled that no decision should be made on any of the new resolutions other than 23. As Panneer was sentenced in favor of wealth, his supporters exploded fireworks and offered sweets in celebration.

Headlines: 23-June-2022

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