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Zodiac Predictions – 24 June 2022


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Horoscope – 24 June 2022

24-06-2022, Friday, June 10, Ekadasi Tithi till 11.12 pm followed by Tea Ceremony.

The Aswini star then parani till 08.03 am.

Amirtayogam till 08.03 am followed by Siddhayogam.

Ekadasi fasting.

Perumal worship is good.

Auspicious day.

The best day to do good deeds.

Rahu Kaalam – 10.30-12.00,

Yama Kandam- Noon 03.00-04.30,

Kuligai – 07.30 -09.00,

Auspicious Hours – 06.00-08.00, 10.00-10.30. Afternoon 01.00-03.00, Evening 05.00-06.00, Night 08.00-10.00.

Horoscope – 24 June 2022

Horoscope – 24 June 2022


Good news will come to your zodiac early in the morning. Siblings will be supportive. Giving and receiving in business is smooth.

Involvement in worship. Problems will be solved with the help of friends. There will be new changes at work.


Your zodiac sign may incur medical expenses in the family. There is a delay in getting the expected assistance in the way of the government.

It is good that the officers are adapting to everyone at work. Debts can be reduced by acting frugally. Get the cooperation of friends.


Your zodiac sign will have a generous supply in the family. Amenities lend a hand. Pride is joined by children. Opportunity to get a bank loan professionally.

Some in the office will get the expected relocation. Interest in buying costume jewelry is high.


Your zodiac sign will have family expenses. Glad news will come from relatives. You will be interested in buying luxury items.

Get the support of superiors in the office. Progress will be made in trying to start a new business. Income will increase.


An unfavorable situation prevails in your zodiac family. Attempts to do so are hampered by accomplices.

Supervisors will act positively even if the workload in the office increases. Commercial lending can be somewhat satisfying.


Your zodiac sign will cause stress and unnecessary tension. There are delays in doing things because your zodiac sign is Chandrastamam.

It is better to postpone auspicious events. Avoid futile arguments with superiors in the office.


You will end up doing anything with determination for your zodiac. Attempts to purchase new tools related to the industry will yield success.

Get good news through children in the family. Some people get a favorable benefit from native property.


You will engage in any activity with new enthusiasm for your zodiac. Happy events take place in the family.

There will be new job opportunities for job seekers. The recession in business is gradually over and new opportunities are available and profits are made.


Your zodiac can be in financial crisis. Disagreements can arise between husband and wife in the family.

Official travel requires focus. Get favorable benefits from close relatives. New material will come home.


Your zodiac sign will have financial crises in the family. There will be a slight fatigue and lethargy in the body.

Problems can be avoided by giving up. With the advice of friends, the recession in the business will be removed and progress will be made.


The effects on your health of the zodiac will go away. May be happy with children in the family. Problems in the office will decrease.

New partners will join in the business. Some people have the yoga of buying gold.


Even if the cash flow is generous for your zodiac, there will be costs accordingly. There may be workload for officers.

Profits can be achieved by making small changes in the industry. Deficit will decrease to some extent. Relatives will be helpful.

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This post is also available in: Tamil