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Constellation – 25 June 2022


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Constellation – 25 June 2022


Constellation – 25 June 2022

25-06-2022, Jan 11, Saturday, Dhuvatsi Tithi till 01.10 pm followed by Tea Ceremony.

Parani Nakshatra will be celebrated till 10.23 pm.

Disillusionment throughout the day.

Murugan worship is good.

Rahu Time – 09.00-10.30 am,

Yama kandam Noon 01.30-03.00,

Kuligai Morning 06.00-07.30,

Auspicious hours – morning 07.00-08.00, day 10.30-12.00, evening 05.00-07.00. Night 09.00-10.00.

Horoscope – 25.06.2022


Cash flow to your zodiac will be overwhelming. Disagreements with friends will go away. New opportunities are available in the industry.

Good returns on native property. Opportunities to increase income in the office will arise. Amenities lend a hand.


Expenses in the family will increase as relatives come to your zodiac. Children’s health needs attention.

Problems can be avoided by adapting employees to the industry. Meeting friends will give you peace of mind. Workload will decrease.


You will finish any task for your zodiac with courage. Get the cooperation of co-workers at work.

Get rid of obstacles in the way of marriage. You get leverage to grow your business faster with the help of partners. The gold object will join.


There will be heartwarming events in your zodiac family. Siblings will be supportive.

Get happy news through children. There will be the introduction of new partners in the business. Officers will be enthusiastically engaged in the work.


Family unity in your zodiac sign will decrease. Unnecessary problems caused by relatives. Prohibition delays can occur in business endeavors.

Out-of-state friendships are made possible by official travel. Aid is available from where expected.


Your zodiac sign can have implications for physical health. Minor disturbances may occur in the family.

It is better not to rely on others and get involved in anything as your zodiac sign is Chandrastha. Avoid auspicious endeavors and outings.


Auspicious events at home for your zodiac sign. Get compliments from superiors at work.

Good changes in the industry can be achieved through the cooperation of partners. Benefit in matters relating to Native property. All requirements are met.

Constellation – 25 June 2022


You will act enthusiastically at work for your zodiac sign. Good things happen when you meet great people. Children will behave responsibly.

Gain by relatives. The idea of ​​buying new products will come true. Physical health will be better.


Your zodiac sign can only be successful at work if you work hard. An unfavorable situation develops in the family. Problems can be avoided by giving up.

Get help from friends. Good progress in the industry can be made with the advice of experienced people.


Your zodiac sign will be a little tired and inactive in health. Children can incur wasteful expenses.

Family-friendly events are held as relatives visit. The workload on the job will decrease. Involvement in divine activities will increase.


All the efforts you make for your zodiac sign will pay off. Increase happiness in the family. You will receive the love of parents.

Social interaction with co-workers at work. Will be interested in buying luxury item. Travel can be beneficial.


Cash flow for your zodiac will be approx. Expected profits in the industry will be stagnant. Giving up in the family can avoid problems.

It is good to think and act on anything multiple times at once. Siblings get help along the way.

Constellation – 25 June 2022

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)