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Zodiac Predictions – 29 June 2022


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Zodiac Predictions – 29 June 2022


29-06-2022, Jun 15, Wednesday, amavasyai Tithi till 08.22 am valarpirai pradhamai.

Thiruvathirai star reappears till 10.08 pm.

Disillusionment throughout the day.

Rahu time 12.00-1.30 pm,

Yama Kandam 07.30-09.00,

Kuligai 10.30 – 12.00,

Auspicious hours are 06.00-07.00, 09.00-10.00 in the morning, 1.30-2.00 in the afternoon, 04.00-05.00 in the evening, 07.00-09.00, 11.00-12.00 in the evening.

Zodiac Predictions – 29 June 2022

Happy events will take place in your zodiac family. Take advantage of marital endeavors.

You will benefit from the responsible activities of the employees in the industry.

Competitive jealousies at work will go away. There will be good improvement in health.


There will be unexpected medical expenses for your zodiac sign. Even if the happiness increases with the arrival of relatives, it is better to look a little and practice.

Disagreements can arise with co-workers on the job. Succeeds in business litigation matters.


There will be entertaining performances by children for your zodiac. Disagreements with relatives will disappear.

Officers will receive the love and support of superiors. Housing needs are met. Commercially the economy will prevail.


The economic status of your zodiac will be a bit sluggish. It takes hard work to succeed professionally.

It is good for women in the family to cut costs. Benefit from the support of great men.


Family unity is best for your zodiac sign. Unexpected new changes will occur in the office.

Children will be responsible. The advice of friends can greatly help business growth. Benefits from Native Assets.


You will actively complete any task for your zodiac sign. The unity between husband and wife in the family is better.

Benefit from official travel. There will be an improvement in physical health. Friends will know your need and help.


The things you do for your zodiac sign can be hindered by the intervention of others. There will be a delay in getting help from where expected.

Get support from family. Good profits can be made by making small changes in the industry. Divine vision gives peace.


Even the easiest thing to do is to be late as your zodiac sign is Chandrastamam. Physical health requires focus.

It is better not to make big investments in business. Avoid out-of-town trips and new ventures.


Your zodiac sign will accomplish what you set out to do. The children will be affectionate. Get promoted according to your skills at work.

Disagreements with partners in the industry will be eliminated and social relations will be established. Good endeavors bring success.


Your zodiac income will be better than expected in business. There will be positive benefits from official field trips.

May there be unity and happiness in the family. Get the expected bank loan. Interest in buying new products will increase.


For your zodiac you will face unexpected vain problems. Expenses in the family increase due to the arrival of relatives.

You can gain their support by relaxing with superiors in the office. Adherence to austerity is very good.


Cash flow for your zodiac will be approx. Tensions can be caused by relatives in the family. Unnecessary problems can be avoided by giving up.

Get the cooperation of co-workers in the office. Get the help you expect from friends.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)