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Zodiac-01 July 2022


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Zodiac Predictions-01 July 2022


Zodiac-01 July 2022

01-07-2022, Jun 17, Friday, Praise Tithi till 01.10 pm followed by valarpirai Tritiya.

Poosam star then Ayilyam till 03.56 pm.

Deathyogam throughout the day.

Amirthalakshmi fasting.

Avoid new attempts.

Rahu Time – 10.30-12.00,

Yama Kandam- Noon 03.00-04.30,

Kuligai Morning 07.30 -09.00,

Auspicious Hours – 06.00-08.00, 10.00-10.30. Afternoon 01.00-03.00, Evening 05.00-06.00, Night 08.00-10.00.

Horoscope – 01.07.2022


Medical expenses will be borne by those in your zodiac family. Many obstacles appear in the efforts to be taken.

You will fight and win in any matter. The problems that have existed so far in the business will lessen a bit. Somewhat favored by relatives.


Your zodiac sign will have new hope and optimism. Get introduced to the new person on the job. The problems that have existed so far in the family will go away.

Interest in buying modern products is high. Giving and receiving in business will be satisfying.


Costs are higher than credit for your zodiac. Relaxation in positive conversations is beneficial.

Physical health requires focus. You will get the goodwill of the adults. There will be benefits from native assets.


Good news will come in search of home for your zodiac sign. Expenses incurred by children.

Assistance will be available without delay from the expected location. You will enjoy buying new items. Get the expected promotions in the office. Physical health is stable.


Even if the cash flow is generous for your zodiac, there will be costs accordingly. Crisis can be caused by superiors on the job.

It is good to act calmly in any matter. Assistance is available through spouse way relatives. Amenities lend a hand.


Cash flow to your zodiac will be overwhelming. The effects on physical health will go away. Unnecessary problems in the office can be avoided by exercising patience.

Those born with will extend help. There will be some improvement in the industry business.


You will happily engage in any activity for your zodiac sign. The grievances of the parents will recede.

Unity prevails in the family. Get the help you expect from friends. New partners will join in the business of the industry. Offshore outsourcing comes with the great promise of cost savings.


Delay in getting the benefit of labor for your zodiac sign. It is better to be relaxed in things that start with a big investment in the business.

Expected assistance will be available in a timely manner. There will be some progress in auspicious endeavors.


Unnecessary disagreements will appear with those in your zodiac family. Minor effects on physical condition.

It is better not to interfere in the problems of others as your zodiac sign is Chandrastha. It is advisable to exercise some restraint when it comes to food.


Children of your zodiac will incur auspicious expenses along the way. The arrival of relatives brings joy to the family.

Debt settlement can make the difference between success and failure. With the advice of friends, the recession in the business will be removed and profit will be made.


Good news will come through those born with your zodiac sign. Children will study with interest. There are many rewards to getting married.

Officially, there will be an opportunity for some people to travel abroad. The problems in business will disappear.


Your zodiac sign will have minor grievances with children. Reserves will be depleted by wasteful spending. Brothers and sisters get good news along the way.

You get leverage to grow your business faster. Facilitated by foreign language individuals.

Zodiac-01 July 2022

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)