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The similarity between Vijay and Ajith


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The similarity between Vijay and Ajith

Varisu movie directed by Vamsi starring Vijay is being made. Ajith Kumar starrer AK 61 directed by H Vinod is being produced.

Recently Vijay’s fans celebrated his 48th birthday on 22nd June.

After Hyderabad, the shooting of Warisu is going on in full swing in Chennai.

Attended Vijay’s shooting spot on his birthday. Then everyone including Sarathkumar attended.

All the celebrities and fans who are acting as Vijay’s family in Warisu came and celebrated with Vijay on this birthday.

Apart from that, all the photos taken on this birthday are kept secret.

They will release it only after the release of Varis film. If these photos are released now, everyone’s badness in the film will be known.

Apart from that, these photos are being kept secret so that all the sets will be leaked easily.

But Vijay said that if his fans come to see him on his birthday, wait for a minute.

He would go into the caravan and remove all the bad stuff for his film and stop casually and take photos with the fans.

Similarly, if his fans want to take a picture with him, Ajith will tell him to wait a minute and immediately go into the caravan and completely remove his bad clothes and the fans will stand and take pictures.

Vijay and Ajith stand united in this matter.

6 Unforgettable films starring Meena.. The timeless Solayamma
Actress Meena’s eyes are enough. He will show all the sins of acting with his eyes.

She made her debut in Tamil cinema as a child star and has played leading roles for top actors and is currently playing important roles.

In this case, let’s watch 6 unforgettable films in which Meena acted.

Ananda Parkete : Directed by Raj Kapoor, Ananda Parkete is a movie starring Karthik, Ajith, Meena and Malavika.

Meena played the role of a widow named Meenakshi in the film. In the film, Meena will become a mother to a child who has lost his father due to his father’s misunderstanding.

Ejamaan : The movie Ejamaan where she acted as a child with superstar Rajini.
Vaideeswari played the role of Rajini’s wife in the film.

Meena impressed the fans with her realistic performance in the film.

Vetrikkodi Kattu : Vetrikkodikattu is a movie directed by Cheran starring Murali, Parthiban, Meena and Malavika.

Meena will make people understand that since her husband is abroad, the wife should lead the family.

Ritham: Arjun, Jyothika and Meena starrer Ritham directed by Vasant.

Meena played the role of Chitra, a bank employee in the film. The story of the film is that Arjun and Meena reunite after their first lives were lost in an accident.

Meena will be acting realistically in the film.

En Rasavin Manasile : En Rasavin Manasile is a film directed by Kasthuriraja starring Rajkiran, Meena and Vadivelu.
Meena played the soft character of Solayamma in the film.

In the film, Meena’s acting was realistic as she trembled at the sight of Rajkiran.

Solaiyamma’s death while giving birth brought tears to the eyes of fans watching the film.

Natamai: Sarathkumar, Khushbu and Meena starrer Natamai is a super hit movie.

Meena will have shown two different performances in the film.

That is, she played a rich arrogant woman and then a family woman who would bear everything for her husband.

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This post is also available in: Tamil