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Zodiac Predictions – 05-July-2022


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05-07-2022, Ani 21, Tuesday, Sashti Tithi till 07.29 PM and then Varapirai Saptami.

Pooram Nakshatra till 10.30 pm and then Uttaram.

Siddha Yoga till 10.30 am followed by Amrit Yoga.

Shashti fasting.

Muruga worship is good.

Rahu Period 03.00-04.30 PM,

Yama Kandam 09.00-10.30 am,

Guligan 12.00-1.30pm,

Shuba Horais 8.00-9.00 AM, 12.00-01.00 PM, 04.30-05.00 PM, 07.00-08.00 PM, 10.00-12.00 PM.

Rasippalan – 05.07.2022


Your zodiac sign will get happy news from friends. The mental stability with children will disappear. Bonding with siblings.

For some, there will be opportunities to go abroad for work. You will be interested in buying new things.


Children of your zodiac sign may cause wasteful expenses. You may face unnecessary problems from colleagues at work.

Relatives will get support and cooperation for the efforts taken. Foreign trips in business will be beneficial.


According to your zodiac sign, you will complete even the most difficult tasks with efficiency. There is unity in the family. Siblings are supportive.

Officers will get good progress in work. Expected profit in business. Cash flow will be better.


Your zodiac sign will have moderate income. There will be a situation of less peace of mind. There may be some delay in new business ventures.

Children will get the gospel along the way. Co-workers in the office will be favorable.


Whatever you touch your zodiac sign will end in success. Those born together will lend a helping hand. The intention of buying new tools related to business will be fulfilled.

High officials in office will get advantage. Success in property related cases.


Your Rasi will be physically tired and lethargic. You will have to spend a small amount on children.

If you follow your superiors in the office, you can avoid unnecessary problems. Help from close relatives will reduce money problems and bring peace of mind.


Economics will be good for your sign. There will be good progress in business development efforts.

You will get happy news from close relatives. Jealousy at work will decrease. Physical health will be better.


There will be a favorable situation for your zodiac sign. Relatives will be supportive. Children’s needs are met. You will gain professionally.

Officers are enthusiastic about work. A new addition is created.


There may be delays in the activities you do for your zodiac sign. There will be disappointments in the responsibilities entrusted to others.

It is better to observe close relatives. Even those who were enemies in business will become friends.


Your sign may have unnecessary disagreements with family members. Travels will increase agitation.

There may be disruptions in the affairs of your zodiac sign till 04.50 pm. In the evening there will be some favorable results.


Your zodiac sign requires moderation in your actions. Your Rasi will lose peace of mind as Chandrashtamam is above 04.50 PM.

Avoid unnecessary arguments in public places. Business transactions require attention.


There will be a happy family atmosphere for your zodiac sign. There will be a good improvement in the health of the children.

New business related projects will bring success. The exchange will be satisfactory. Undue debts will be collected today and will bring happiness.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)