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Temple a day-Amirthakdeswarar


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Temple a day-Amirthakdeswarar


Today we are going to visit Thirukkadavur Sri Abhirami Sametha Sri Amrithakateswarar temple.

This place is the eighth place in the Ashta Veeratana.

This temple is the 47th Shivthalam among the Cauvery Tenkarai thalams among the thalams which have received Devara hymns from Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar.


Amrita itself is said to be the lingam. One of the Attaveeratta Thalams, this is the place where Kungliyakalaya Nayanar and Kari Nayanar lived. Abhirami Antadi is also sung at this place.

It is believed that the Lord kicked Eman for Markandeya at this place

Mother Abhiramiyam, who bestows what is due, gives grace as a fruitful tree.

During the reign of King Saraboji, Abirami Ambal blessed a devotee with a full moon on the new moon, Abirami Anthadi.

Here Mother Abirami removes darkness and illuminates the lives of devotees who worship her and blesses them with everything they need.

Kalasamhara festival is held in the temple every year in the month of Chitrai in Maha Nakshatra.

Devotees believe that by visiting this, life will increase. At this place Ammai and Appan meet facing each other.

With Moolavar looking west and Abirami Ambal looking east, this place is an eternal Thirukalyana place.

Poornabhishekam, Kanakabhishekam, Satabishekam, Bhimarathashanti, Manivizha and Ayushya Homam at Thirukkadavur are believed to prolong life.

During these rituals, devotees perform homam by invoking the Navagrahas in nearby navathaniyas by keeping 16 kalas.

Even today, you can see the trail of the rope thrown by Yama on the Amirthakadeswarar linga for anointing the Swami with milk.

The first idols to be worshiped in Thirukkadavoor temple are Papagareswarar worshiped by Agathiyars and Punniagareswarar worshiped by Bulathiyars.

It is believed that after worshiping them, other Swami should be worshipped. When worshiping these two, it is believed that sins will be removed and blessings will be created. Punniagareswarar has a private sanctum sanctorum.

This is the place where many Siddhas worshipped. Bambatti Siddhar was the most prominent among them. There is no Navagraha Sannidhi here. Planetary peace seekers worship the Kala Samkara Murthy itself and reap the benefits.


More than fifty inscriptions are found in the temple. Many Chola kings, from Rasarasan I to Rasarasan III, have endowed the temple.


The philanthropy of the three Pandyan kings Sundarapandian, Veerapandian and Kulasekhara Pandyan can be known from the inscriptions here.


Devotees celebrate Mani Vizha, Paval Vizha and Satabhishekam in this temple because Lord Shiva kicked Yama for Markandeya.

Abhirami, who was gazing at the beauty of Ambika’s face, mistakenly told King Sarabhoji that Tai Amavasai tithi was the full moon, so as to protect him from the angry king.

It is the place where the miracle of turning the new moon into a full moon and showing it to the king was performed by Abhirami Anthadi. Absence of Navagraha sanniti here is best said.



The shrine was worshiped by Agathiyar, Pulasthiyar, Durgai, Vasuki, Bhumi Devi etc.


Among the Siva Thalams, this place where Markandeyar is worshiped is the 108th and the nearby Thirukkadavur graveyard is the 107th.

Temple a day-Amirthakdeswarar

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)