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Temple a day-Vadapalani Andavar


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Day is a temple-Vadapalani Lord

The gracious Lord of the Vadapalani

Arulmiku Vadapalani Andavar Thiruthalam was built at the end of the 19th century. At first, a small thatched roof shed was erected, in which an ardent Muruga devotee, Annasamy Nayakkar, worshiped with a colored painting of Lord Muruga.

A devotee of Muruga who suffered from intractable stomach ache, he used to visit Thirumurugan shrines at Tiruthani and Tiruporur without fail, even in heavy storms and rains, even when thieves intercepted him.

Why are you running around looking for him when a big man appears in his dream and Murugan is staying in your house?

You can worship Muruga there and enjoy! Hearing this, he suddenly woke up from his sleep, prayed for Murugan’s grace and returned home.

He informed the people of the house about the incident and from that day onwards he worshiped Lord Muruga in his house every morning and evening.

As Palani Sadhu, whom he met one day, said, he got rid of his stomach pain after cutting his tongue and wearing a skirt as a novel offering in front of the Murugan shrine in Tiruthani.

After that, during the South Palanya Yatra, which had been a dream for a long time, he went up the hill and visited the sage Thandayuthapani and came down the steps.

In one of the picture shops on the way, a large and beautiful picture of Palaniyanda caught his eye. And so the miracle he received happened.

Nayakar took the portrait of Murugan that he got in Palani and came to Chennai.

Palani Andavar converted it into a temple by placing that image on his platform. He put up a small shed and relocated his family.

Lord Palani

He worshiped the image of Lord Palani and used to give signs to all the devotees and solve their problems. Bavadam – People call the practice of cutting the tongue as an offering to the Lord as Bavadam.

After that, knowing the love and interest of Rathanasamy Chettiar, who was doing charity to him, Thambiran was able to continue this worship after him after some time.

Would it be possible for you to stay here and do charity to the Lord by lovingly calling Rattanasamy Chettiar to him and choosing him as the one? he asked.

Rathanasamy Chettiar unexpectedly asked why he hesitated and became a family man! How can I? He humbly informed me that I will do whatever charity I can.

Hearing that, Dhampiran wanted to change this shed and build a small temple for Lord Palani here. Can you help with this? said.

Immediately Chettiar can do the same, and the lovers have this idea as they wish. What is the hindrance in accomplishing it after opening your mouth yourself? We can make proper arrangements for the temple tirupani today itself.

Statue of Lord Palani

He said very passionately that if they agree, they can soon build an idol of Lord Palani and build a beautiful temple and perform the Kumbabhishekam.

Annasamyth Thambiran Andawan Why is our harmony with the work? He told Chettiar to arrange the tirupani according to their heart and sent him away.

The next day, Chettiar went to Vanniyampadi and arranged for an idol of Lord Palani to be made by a Stapatiyar he knew.

Annasamyth started doing the temple tirupani in front as per Thiruulak note of Thambiran.

A brick and lime building was constructed near Kurimedai, where now the sanctum sanctorum of Vadapalani Andavar Thirukoil is located.

Thanks to the financial support of many friends, the work was soon completed. It seems to be around AD 1865.

In this case, suddenly one day, on the new moon day of Avani month, on the day of Magha Nakshatra, Lord Annasamith Thambiran reached Tiruvadi.

One day, Sri Annaswamy Thambiran appeared in Rathnaswamy Chettiar’s dream and begged him to wear a skirt like himself.

Similarly, Rathanasamy Chettiar also donned a skirt on the day of Aadikrithikai. From the next Krithika, Rathnaswamy Thambiran also gained the power to sing passionately.

After a few days, the temple tirupani that Annaswamy Thambiran had started as desired was completed. The statue of Palaniyandavar was also received for consecration and the Kumbabhishekam was successfully completed.

As usual, Rathnaswamy Thambiran managed the expenses of temple worship etc. with the offerings given by the loved ones who came to ask for the sign.


Temple a day-Vadapalani Lord

Rathanasamy Thambiran used to tell everyone to present Kodambakkam Kurimedai as Vadapalani Andavar Temple after Kumbabishekam.

Eventually, the fame of Vadapalanik Temple spread rapidly throughout the city of Chennai. In the year 1886, on Shashti day in the month of Margazhi, on Sataya Nakshatra, Lord Sri Rathanasamy Thambiran attained the shadow of Thiruvadi.

After him, his disciple Pakyalinga Thambiran followed the example of the Guru by donning Pavadam and chanting blessings.

It was Sri Bhagyalingath Thambiran who did the Garbha Krikam, the first Utprakara Trichutura and Karungal Tirupani of the present Vadapalani temple.

As a result of their great efforts, Sri Vadapalani Andavar Koil became very popular and devotees flocked in large numbers. The growth and fame of the temple increased with time.

In this case, in the year 1931, Sri Bhagyalingath Dhampiran Palaniyandavar reached Thiruvadi on Puratasit Monday Dasami Tithi.

It is believed that those who cannot go to South Palani and visit the lord of Vadapalani, who is blessed with its features, can get all the blessings of Lord Palani by visiting this Lord of Vadapalani.

A fact which is felt, blessed and accepted by all the devotees.

South Palani

It is a temple built with the purpose of those who cannot go to South Palani to visit and those who cannot pay their fine debt can come to North Palani to visit the Lord and pay fine debt and receive the same grace here.

Just as the Lord of the South gives blessings to those who ask for it, the Lord of the North is giving all the boons that the Lord of the South gives to him by being the Lord of the North in Chennai, the northern part of Tamil Nadu.

Day by day the fame of this temple grew and rose as a place of prayer that bestows blessings on the aspirants.

Siddhas, Sadhus, Chandors, Anors, Devotees and important personalities visited this temple.

It is a fact that those who cannot go to Palani and fulfill their prayers come to this place and fulfill their prayers to Murugan of South Palani and get the grace of Murugan from South Palani in this temple of North Palani Murugan.

Temple a day-Vadapalani Lord

There are many people who prayed to Lord Vadapalani for the things they wanted from Palani Murugan and received his grace.

The place where the three siddhas who created this temple attained samadhi is on Nelkunram Path near this temple.

A Siddha temple has been built at that place to visit the Samadhi of the three at the same time.

Special pujas are conducted every full moon. Guru Puja is also being done well.

The specialty of the temple is the Atthalam, Murthys and Theerthas.

This place has been blessed by Lord Vadapalani.

The greatest merit of this place is that those who worship Moolava and Angarakan (Mars) and perform special abhishekam and archan to get better education, to get good education, to be healthy and to be healthy, will get rid of their shortcomings.


Those who cannot go to the south come to the west to express their grievances and settle debts.

May Lord Vadapalani bless them, the boon of Kaliyuga.

The special feature of this temple is that the saint worships with his shoes on, which cannot be found in any other temple.

Wearing sandals signifies complete elimination of arrogance and ego.

It is believed that the right leg of the head of this temple is slightly forward, and it is believed that the Lord of Vadapalani will rush to remove the grievances of the devotees in this Kali Yuga.

The main tree of this temple is the fig tree. Devotees build cradles in fig trees to pray for children.

Due to the speedy resolution of the prayers of the devotees, the place of prayer rises and the supplicants get the boon they want.

Devotees offering gold and silver as offerings, veal, cash etc. in a bank account, wearing a saree, shaving, ear piercing, balkavadi and pushpa kavadi are special merits.

Temple a day-Vadapalani Lord

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)