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Zodiac Predictions – 07 July 2022


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07-07-2022, Ani 23, Thursday, Ashtami Tithi till 07.28 pm and then Varapirai Navami.

Astam Nakshatra till 12.19 pm and then Chitrai.

Siddha Yoga throughout the day.

Avoid new ventures.

Rahu Period – 01.30-03.00 PM,

Yama Kandam- 06.00-07.30 AM,

Guligan 09.00-10.30 am,

Suba Horais – 09.00-11.00 AM, 01.00-01.30 PM, 04.00-06.00 PM, 08.00-09.00 PM.

Zodiac Predictions – 07 July 2022


Employees of your zodiac sign will benefit from hard work at work. There will be harmony and peace in the family.

Relatives will help you a lot in your development. Business wise economy will be good. Native will get profit through assets.


For your sign, there will be wasteful expenses due to children in the family. There may be minor troubles in the way of brothers and sisters.

Physical health needs attention. The trouble from the enemies in the business so far will decrease a little. Expected assistance will be available at the right time.


You will finish even the task which is easy for your sign to finish late. There will be wasteful expenses through relatives.

It is better to be frugal with money. For some, ventures into new businesses bring success. Close relatives will benefit.


Economics will be good for your sign. For some, there will be opportunities to go abroad for work.

Efforts to purchase modern industrial tools will bring success. Marriage negotiations will take place. Involvement in deity worship.


The arrival of relatives in your sign will increase family expenses. Unnecessary distractions at work can reduce mental peace.

Even if the income is modest, the household needs will be met. If you act frugally, you will get rid of debts to some extent. Help is available through friends.


Your zodiac sign will make you cheerful and active. Some gain from trading.

Employees will get support from superiors. A new item arrives at home. Children will make good progress in their studies. Good things will come.


There will be unhappy family situation for your zodiac sign. Expected opportunities in business will be blocked.

Efforts will be supported by the family. By letting go you can avoid problems. Travels will be beneficial.


Children of your zodiac sign will have happy activities at home. Auspicious results will result in marital auspiciousness.

You will work together with partners in business and gain profit. The competitive jealousies at work will disappear. Debt problems will be solved.


According to your zodiac sign, you will succeed by doing what you set your mind to do. There will be progress in charitable endeavors.

Disagreement with children will disappear and unity will increase. New friendships will be made on foreign trips. Profits in business will be enormous.


Your zodiac sign will incur excessive expenses. There will be unnecessary disagreements with relatives.

Due to the negligence of employees in business, you will face unnecessary problems. It is better to take it easy. Those born together will lend a helping hand.


Fluctuating tension in business will increase for your sign. Since your zodiac sign is Chandrashtama, it is best to act with moderation in everything.

It is better to be a bit cautious in cabs. Care must be taken when dealing with money.

Auspicious events will happen in the family due to the arrival of relatives in your sign. Children will behave responsibly.

You will get love and support from your superiors at work. You will make progress in business by using new strategies.

Zodiac Predictions – 07 July 2022

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)