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Zodiac Predictions – 08 July 2022


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08-07-2022, Ani 24, Friday, Navami Tithi upto 06.25 PM and then Varapirai Dasami.

Chitra Nakshatra till 12.13 PM and then Swathi.

Siddha Yoga throughout the day.

Goddess worship is good.

Avoid new ventures and journeys.

Ragu Period – Day 10.30-12.00,

Yamagandam – 03.00-04.30 PM,

Guligan 07.30 -09.00,

Suba Horais – 06.00-08.00 am, 10.00-10.30 am. 01.00-03.00 PM, 05.00-06.00 PM, 08.00-10.00 PM.



Your zodiac sign will have an unexpected fortune. There will be good progress in marital affairs.

Loan help will come from the expected place. Will have to go on foreign trips. A new person will be introduced. You will enjoy buying new things. Health will improve.


You act with the courage to complete even the most difficult task easily for your zodiac sign. There will be peace in the family.

You will be happy to receive good news. Even enemies can act as friends in business. Physical health will be stable.


Unexpected expenses may arise in the family for your zodiac sign. Expectations from friends can be disappointing.

Minor ailments will occur in the body and health needs to be taken care of. You will get support from your superiors at work. There will be some progress in business.


Your zodiac sign will have a little less cash flow. Unexpected problems arise at work.

Money problems can be avoided by being frugal. It is better to adapt to the people at home. Deity worship gives peace of mind.


There will be happy events in your zodiac sign. Help is available from the expected location without delay.

The arrival of a close relative will bring happiness to the family. There will be success in business related litigation matters. Debt problems will be solved.


You will do well what your zodiac sign intended. You will be happy to receive good news through your brothers and sisters.

The skills of the officers will be appreciated by the superiors. Business trips will bring benefits.


Your rasi will have a happy family atmosphere. Economic condition will be good. Business related efforts will be fruitful.

Expected help is easily available through government channels. There will be favorable results in marriage attempts. Income will increase.


Your zodiac sign will face financial problems in the family. There will be delays in charitable endeavors.

Business trips will bring benefits. Siblings are supportive. It is better for officers to adapt to their colleagues.


Economic status will be good for your zodiac sign. Problems at work will reduce. Costs are kept under control by operating leanly.

Children will bring happiness at home. Involvement in doing spiritual things will increase.


Good news will arrive in your zodiac house. There will be happiness in the family. Jealousy at work will decrease.

All efforts for business development will bring success. You will keep your promise. You will get the friendship of a great man.


Your zodiac sign will feel a bit tired and inactive. Care should be taken when it comes to food. Even if the cash inflow is generous, the expenses will be incurred accordingly.

Small changes in business can bring profit. Help will come from friends.


According to your zodiac sign, you will be seen as moody. There will be a situation of unnecessary anger towards others.

Since your rasi has Chandrashtama, it is better to stay out of other people’s problems as far as possible and be careful in your actions.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)