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Medicinal Uses of Kheezhanelli


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Medicinal benefits of Kheezhanelli

Botanical Name: Phyllandis nituri
Its other names are: Ilanchiyam, Avagadavai, Kilivai Nelli, Kilikai, Kadhamatanidhi, Malarutu, Malini, Vithuvesaram, Bhuthathiri, Peruviriyaka, Kamalai Nivarthi.

Growing Places:

This plantain is a plant native to India. This plant grows less than half a meter. Not only that, moist soil is its birthplace.

Areas of use:

Whole plant i.e. leaves, stem block and roots are all useful parts.

Our forefathers were the ones who had the ability to heal even if it was a major illness from home. Keezhanelli is one of the herbal plants that they used.

General information:
Phyllanthus niruri is a medicinal plant. It is an annual plant that grows about half a meter. The whole plant has medicinal uses.

It is a genus of tropical plants. Found in all parts of India. Grows to a height of about one foot.

The Tamils ​​called it Kilkai Nellie because the pods ripen in a row at the base of its leaves. In colloquial terms, they are also known as Keezhanelli, Keelvai Nelly, Keetkanelli.

Even today, it can be known from the word of mouth and usage of the villagers that this herb has been used for jaundice in Tamil medicine since time immemorial.

This herb has been studied in various ways in over a hundred laboratories in India. It is very dark.

Tastes are sweet, sour, bitter and carob. Increases sperm count. Reduces anger and increases vada. It can also be eaten raw. But there will be slight bitterness.

Other Medicinal Uses of Keezhanelli:
To grow hair in baldness, if you clean the root of ginseng and cut it into small pieces, boil it in coconut oil and apply it on the scalp, the baldness will disappear.

If you grind the leaves of Keezhanelli with salt and apply it on the places where there is rash, scabies and itching, you will get relief soon.

100 gms of coconut oil and 1/2 cup of geezhanelli root, black cumin, and cumin are all strong (9 gms).

This cools the apex and reduces the tension. Not only that, hair grows well.

Jaundice, Urinary Diseases, Ulcers, Throat Diseases, Stomachache, Diarrhea, Discharge, High Fever, Eye Diseases, Menstrual Disorders

Keezhanelli is used in herbal medicine for diseases such as anorexia, skin diseases, chronic ulcers, boils, swelling and bleeding.

If you grind Keezhanelli and mix it with cow’s milk and consume it twice in the morning and in the evening for 3 consecutive days, body heat will subside and you will get cold.

Those who are suffering from water shrunk disease will get better immediately if they eat it twice a week for 1 week by adding Chinese saffron along with Nelly leaves.

Keezhanelli leaf, Mookratti leaf, Ponnankanni leaf, grind equal amount and mix it in curd of vegetable broth and take it for 45 days to get rid of dark eyes, blurred vision and white letters.

If you have a toothache, just put the root of Nelly in your mouth for two minutes. Immediately the toothache will go away.

Grind keezhanelli with a little cumin and add it to lemon juice and drink it to cure liver disorders.

Grind and grind keezhanelli root, Ashoka bark and fig bark in equal quantity and take 10 grams per meal with hot water for 40 days in the morning and evening for 40 days.

Pomegranate leaves along with keezanalli leaves, crushed in equal quantity and mixed with 1 cup of buttermilk in the amount of gooseberry and taken on an empty stomach will stop loose stools.

If you want to get rid of puberty, grind gooseberry leaves in equal quantity with a lotus leaf and eat the same amount of gooseberry early in the morning for 45 days continuously.

Keezhanelli powder helps to get rid of jaundice, heat in the body, cloud soaked in the body, hot water and diabetes.

Keezhanelli is also used as a medicine to cure infectious diseases caused by poisonous germs.

Take equal quantity of keezhanelli powder, gooseberry powder and karisalangkanni powder. Bathing in honey and eating it will reduce frequent colds, reverse anemia, and increase immunity in the body.

Grind some turmeric with keezhanelli leaves and rub it on the body, soak it for fifteen minutes and take a bath to cure skin diseases.

Grinding the keezhanelli plant and applying it to rashes, scabies, and boils will cure it immediately.


Medicinal benefits of Kheezanelli

Villages still follow folk remedies for jaundice.

People taking allopathic medicine also take folk remedies for jaundice.

Clean the keezhanelli leaves and grind them into small balls and eat one ball daily.

If you eat continuously for 15 days, jaundice will be controlled. For those who think it is too bitter, boil Nelly powder in water and add a pinch of cumin powder

If sweetened with palm sugar or honey, it cures jaundice. If whey is diluted into water milk and mixed with liquid, it cures jaundice.

Cleanse the liver and boost health:
The internal organs should be cleaned regularly. Keezhanelli juice can be consumed to flush out the toxins in the liver regularly and prevent liver disorders.

Once a month on an empty stomach grind and extract the leaves of Keezhanelli and drink 30 ml for adults and 15 ml for children to clean the liver.

Toxins accumulated in the liver are flushed out. Keezhanelli helps to keep us always safe from liver damage.

To protect the kidney:

Most people face the problem of kidney stones. If these stones are dissolved and removed while they are still small, they will not grow and become dangerous.

If the toxins that stay in the kidneys are removed periodically, the functioning of the kidneys will not be disturbed. Keezhanelli helps to do this on its own.

Clean the keezhanelli and add three times the amount of water to it and boil it. Drink water that is partially boiled.

If you drink one teaspoon of this daily, the kidney stones will break and pass out in the kidney.

The toxins are eliminated and the kidneys function better. Everyone can drink. It is good to drink this twice a month.


We are also among the countries with the highest number of diabetics.

If these traditional foods had not been avoided, the impact of this disease would have been reduced today.

Today many people are suffering from uncontrollable diabetes which is the uncontrollable disease.

If they take half a teaspoon of Keezhanelli powder three times a day before meals, sugar will come under control.

Diabetic patients can avoid dialysis if taken regularly.

People who have blood sugar under control should take it with doctor’s advice.

Hair Care:

Keezhanelli also has a special place in hair care.

Those who have problem of hair loss due to heat of the head, apply ground Keezhanelli leaves on the hair and soak it for 30 minutes and take a bath, hair loss will stop immediately.

People who have skin diseases in their body, if they grind it with turmeric and apply it on the skin and take a bath, the skin problems will go away.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)