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Zodiac Predictions – 09 July 2022


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Zodiac Predictions – 09 July 2022


Tamil Date – Subhakrit, Aani 25 ↔
Day – Samanokku Day
Pirai – Valarpirai

Shukla Paksha Dasami – July 08 06:25 PM – July 09 04:39 PM
Shukla Paksha Ekadasi – July 09 04:39 PM – July 10 02:14 PM

Swati – Jul 08 12:13 PM – Jul 09 11:25 AM
Visakhapatnam – Jul 09 11:25 AM – Jul 10 09:55 AM

Unfavorable period
Rahu period – 9:03 AM – 10:38 AM
Yamaganda – 1:49 PM – 3:25 PM
Guligan – 5:52 AM – 7:27 AM
Dur Muhurtam – 07:34 AM – 08:25 AM

Auspicious time
Abhijit Muhurtam – 11:48 AM – 12:39PM
Amrita Period – 01:40 AM – 03:10 AM
Brahma Mukurtam – 04:16 AM – 05:04 AM



Today’s cash flow will be huge. Some people have the urge to buy gold. Native assets will be beneficial.

You will get expected profit due to cooperation of partners in business. Parents will be supportive. Thought will come true.


Today the officers will be enthusiastic about work. There will be unexpected profits in business.

Disagreements with family members will disappear. Relatives will help. The amount due from outside will come to hand..


Today you will have new hope and confidence. A new person will be introduced at work.

The previous problems in the family will disappear. Interest in buying new properties increases. Transactions in business will be satisfactory. Savings will rise.

All the efforts you make today will yield favorable results. Unity between partners in business will be strengthened.

There will be prosperity in the family. Relatives will be favorable. Involvement in divine affairs will increase. There will be a sudden influx.


Children will be happy today. Expenses in the family will be prohibitive. Brothers and sisters will get favorable results.

You will succeed in making new plans for business development. Income will be profitable. Gold will be added.


Today you will engage in any activity with enthusiasm. Expected assistance for business development is easily available.

You will get parental love. You will be interested in buying new things. Debt problems will be solved. There will be mental happiness.


You will be energetic and energetic today. Business trips will be beneficial.

Children will get good news on the way. Co-workers at work will be favorable. Wife will be beneficial. Savings will rise.


You will lose peace of mind today. Even tasks that should be easy for your zodiac sign are delayed.

It is better to exercise moderation in anything. It is best not to invest large sums in business. Attention to work is required.


Today there will be unnecessary disagreements among family members. There will be minor effects on physical condition.

Since your sign is Chandrashtama, it is better not to interfere in other people’s problems. It is better to be a little more restrained when it comes to food.


Today you may incur unexpected expenses. There will be regrets with friends.

Avoid problems by leaving it to the family. If you think and act, you will see good progress in business. Deity worship is good.


Business will be good today. Efforts to buy new tools will bring success.

You will have to travel abroad with your children. You will get the love of elders in the family. Physical health will be better. Native assets will be beneficial.


Auspicious events will be held at home today. Disagreements with children will disappear.

New projects for business development will bring success. New friendships will be made on trips abroad. Expected help will be available in the way of relatives


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)