Friday, March 31, 2023

BA.2.75 Omicron spread in Tamil Nadu


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BA.2.75 Omicron spread in Tamil Nadu

Delhi: Dr. NK Arora has given an important explanation regarding the discovery of a new type of omicron called BA.2.75 in the country.

A third wave occurred in India last January due to Omicron Corona. Fortunately, the Omicron Corona caused mild corona damage.

The virus was quickly contained. As the restrictions were gradually lifted, people returned to normalcy.

A new type of Omicron

In this context, an Israeli researcher warned that a new Omicron type called BA.2.75 has been detected in India.

The World Health Organization also confirmed that BA.2.75 corona has been detected in some countries including India.

So far in the country, many states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh have confirmed BA.2.75 Omicron.

NK Arora

This has created a fear among people that it will cause the next wave of corona in India.

In this regard, Dr. NK Arora, Co-Chairman of INSACOG, in an interview to a private news agency, said, “This new BA.2.75 Omicron spreads faster by 20-30 percent compared to BA.2.

However, so far the virus has not been found in large numbers from a single cluster or from a specific region.

BA.2.75 Omicron spread in Tamil Nadu

The worst impact?

The Indian variant did not increase the spread of the corona virus. Also, this new type of Omicron does not lead to serious disease risk.

All these cases are widespread. If only a few districts are affected by this type of Omicron we may worry.

The impact is high here and there. So, we cannot say that it will have the worst effect.

BA.2.75 Omicron spread in Tamil Nadu

The fourth wave?

There is no chance of a 4th wave of Corona in India in the current environment. We should consider this increase in virus incidence as part of the third wave of Omicron.

Because any new wave is immediately associated with a new type of corona.

What we see now is an extension of the Omicron effect! Now we don’t need to worry about this new sub-variant.

Fatalities are important whether this new variant causes any acute or serious diseases.

That means the question is whether this Omicron vulnerability will translate into the intensive care environment for patients.

However, the casualties seen now have not increased significantly.

Deaths occur only for those who have problems like cancer, heart, lung etc.

The reason is that the corona virus has been slowly increasing in India since last June.

This is due to people traveling more, more people congregating in one place and sub-variants.

“We are constantly monitoring whether there is any issue that poses a threat to public health,” he said.

BA.2.75 Omicron spread in Tamil Nadu

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)