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Tactical entry by VCK


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Tactical entry by VCK

“Modi colleagues”.. Big danger.. Can’t run anywhere..

CHENNAI: “No dictator can run away from the wrath of the people, nor hide.

Sri Lanka today. India tomorrow? Today Bakse brothers. “Modi colleagues tomorrow?”

The Rajapakse issue in Sri Lanka has come to an end in May.

His family was completely hated and shunned by the people of Sri Lanka.

Due to severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka,

People took to the streets and protested for the resignation of President Rajapakse and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, shocking Rajapakse.


As the riots became so massive, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned from his post, with no other choice.

The people of the country welcomed and celebrated Rajapakse’s resignation.. In our Tamil Nadu, the leaders roared that “it is the curse of Tamilness that has turned history today”.

In that regard, VCK leader Thirumavalavan had posted a tweet..


It said, “The Rajapakse family is scrambling to survive. This is the reaction to racist fascism.

One-nation-one-culture Sinhalese racists’ unitary tyranny against pluralism-fascist racist oppression against Tamils ​​are the primary causes.”

This tweet was well received by the leopards.


“For those who have talked about religion, their sleep is now disturbed! Their stomachs are ‘padak padak’! The final state of dictators appears before their eyes and disappears in a flash!

Sri Ilangadevi is giving a lesson to all the dictatorial psychopaths of the world.

Tomorrow Hindutva wants to destroy Muslims and live? Today you ..tomorrow me” the leopards gathered and posted.

Kitchen – Groceries

In this case, Sri Lanka is once again surrounded by excitement.

After a massive rally by the public and the opposition in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, demanding the resignation of Rajapaksa, protesters stormed into the presidential palace.

They jumped into the swimming pool there and swam.

Another group entered the kitchen inside Rajapakse’s mansion, took the food and started cooking.

In the bedroom

Some others have entered Rajapakse’s bedroom and are looking for keys.

The protestors say that there was plenty of food in the mansion’s kitchen amid severe food shortages.

As a result, the countries of the world are closely watching every move of Sri Lanka.

Modi Colleagues Meanwhile, the Special Treasurer Vanniarasu has posted an opinion on the issue of Sri Lanka.

In his tweet, “None of the dictators who are trying to build the country as one country – one language – one religion can escape from the wrath of the people; they cannot shine.

Sri Lanka today. India tomorrow? Today Bakse brothers. Modi colleagues tomorrow? He posted that in the first tweet.

Today you – tomorrow me

Next, he posted 2 tweets in succession.

In that, the nation of Sri Lanka is facing a people’s revolution due to racism and religion.

People have occupied the Allari mansion of the President and settled inside.

People are agitating to take to the streets against the tyranny of the Pakse brothers.

If you rule the country with religious-racism, this is how the people’s revolution will break out in that country. Sri Lanka is the only proof of that.

The same situation may happen to India tomorrow. “Trying to convert the secular Indian Constitution into a religious one is disastrous for the beautiful India,” he warned.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)