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Temple a day-Thiruchendur


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Temple a day-Thiruchendur

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple

There are six places in Tamil Nadu dedicated to Lord Muruga, the Tamil god.

They have six barracks namely Tiruparangunram, Tiruchendur, Palani, Swamimalai and Palamuthircholai.

5 of these Arupadai houses are located on the hill and Tiruchendur temple is unique on the beach.

A barracks is a place where invading soldiers stay.

According to it, Tiruchendur Subramania Swamy Temple is the place where general Veerabaku and other soldiers stayed to kill Surapatra.

The day when the demon Surabathran was slain by his Viravel on Varapirai Shashti in the month of Aippasi, the Ganda Shashti festival is popularly celebrated as “Sura Samharam”.

Name Reason:

Lord Muruga, who has a temple here, was known as ‘Cheyantinathar’ due to his victory over Surabathran, which later became known as ‘Senthilnathar’.

Similarly, this place is also said to be called Tiruchendur from ‘Thiruseyanthipuram’.

The temple is said to be 2000 years old according to the inscriptions. This place was earlier called ‘Thiruchiralaiwai’.

Temple Structure:

As mentioned in the introduction, this is the only temple among Arupada houses that is not located on a hill.

The Rajagopuram of Thiruchendur Temple is 150 feet tall with nine tiers.

Murugan looks like a Siva yogi with a lotus flower in his left hand and a jatamudi.

On the left wall behind Murugan is a lingam where Murugan is said to have performed puja.

Puja is done to Lord Muruga after first worshiping it.

Two Murugas:

Murugan who killed Suran is doing Shiva Puja with four hands and is in Tavakolam with Jadamudi.

He does not have a separate prakara so that his penance is not dissolved. The source faces south.

Yellow Water:
On the last day of the Gandashashti festival, devotees play with a yellow fountain on Murugan for marrying their village goddess and as a way to appease Murugan after the war.

There is another reason why the Kanda Shashti festival is celebrated so critically in Tiruchendur.

Some sages consider that they need a son to protect the welfare of the world, and starting on the day of Ammavasi in the month of Aipasi, they perform a yag for 6 days.

The temple is open from 5 am to 9 pm. 9 Kala Pooja is held at Tiruchendur Murugan Temple.

Ganga Puja:

Every afternoon, after the end of Uchikala Puja, milk and swan are taken in a vessel and dissolved in the sea with drum beat. This is called Ganga Puja.

New Dress:

It is customary for people to celebrate Diwali by wearing new clothes.

Similarly, Murugan is believed to have married Deivanai, Indra’s daughter, so Indra is believed to be giving birth.

Avani Thiruvizha At Tiruchendur Subramaniaswamy Temple, the Avani Thiruvizha started on 27th with flag hoisting.

As a measure to prevent the spread of Corona, devotees are not allowed to attend.

Every day during the festival days Swami Kumaravidangaperuman and Valliambal walk in the inner pracharam of Uttaruli temple in the morning and evening in separate chaparams.

Similarly, in the morning and evening, Swami Jayantinatha along with Valli-Theiwanai get up in Thangachaparam and stroll around the Kiriprakaram of the temple and enter the temple.

Vaikasi Visakhapatnam:
The 5th day of the festival was inaugurated at 5 in the morning and the pujas of other times continued.

In the morning, programs like Swami Kumaravidangaperuman – Valliyambal wake up, Swami Jayantinatha, Valli-Theivanai wake up at Thangachapparam were held.

Leaf Vibhuti Prasad Leaf Vibhuti Prasad is known as a medicine that cures many incurable diseases.

Adi Sankara is said to have cured tuberculosis by eating this leaf Vibhuti and that is why he sang Srisubramanya Pujangam.

Temple a Day – Thiruchendur

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)