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Zodiac Predictions – 10 July 2022


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10-07-2022, Aani 26, Sunday, Ekadasi tithi till 02.14 p.m., followed by Varipira Duvadasi.

Visagam Nakshatra till 09.55 am and then Anusham.

Marana yoga throughout the day.

Yekadasi fast.

Perumal worship is good.

Avoid new ventures.

Ragu Period – Evening 04.30 – 06.00,

Yama Kandam – 12.00 – 01.30 PM,

Guligan – 03.00 – 04.30 PM,

Shuba Horai – 7.00 – 9.00 AM, 11.00 – 12.00 Day, 02.00 – 04.00 PM, 06.00 – 07.00 PM, 09.00 – 11.00 PM.

Zodiac Predictions – 10 July 2022


As your zodiac sign is Moon, there will be fatigue and unnecessary agitation in physical condition.

It is better to avoid unnecessary arguments with elders. A bit of care is required in business dealings. Avoid traveling abroad.


Unexpected blessings will come to your zodiac sign. The stress at work will be reduced for the officers.

Even if there are small problems in the health, there will be no harm. Some people will have the opportunity to go on foreign trips.


Your horoscope will be blessed at home. Efforts will be rewarded. Children will behave responsibly.

Make small changes in business and you will get good profit. Get help from friends. There will be good improvement in health.


There will be obstacles and delays in the things you do for your zodiac sign. There will be unnecessary problems in the family.

In any case, if you think and act several times at a time, you can reap the benefits. Support from brothers and sisters will be great.


Physical fatigue will cause delay in activities for your zodiac sign. Small wastages are caused by vehicles.

Negotiations related to property can go smoothly. Business trips can be beneficial even if there are fluctuations.


According to your zodiac sign, you will do what you set your mind to. There will be happiness in the family. Advice from experienced people will be beneficial.

There will be favorable results in cases like Vambu case. Sudden cash inflows bring happiness.


There may be some disruptions in your actions for your zodiac sign. Minor grievances arise with elders in the family.

It is better to reduce the prejudice. Help is available through relatives. Collection of old arrears not yet due in the business.


You will be happy to receive good news early in the morning for your zodiac sign. Children will increase your value. There will be good improvement in health.

Competitive jealousy will decrease in business. There will be interest in buying expensive items.


Your zodiac sign may involve wasteful expenses from relatives. The health of the children will be slightly sluggish.

It is good to give some thought to new business related ventures. The previous problems in the family will disappear. Friends will help.


According to your sign, there will be happy events in the family through children. Your stress will go away and you will get peace of mind.

There will be advantages in the way of women. New partners will join the business. Relatives will support your growth.


Sudden inflows will occur to your zodiac sign. Commercially, benefits will be obtained through foreign persons. Debt problems will reduce slightly.

Disagreements with children in the family will disappear. Beneficial results will be obtained in auspicious endeavors.


For your zodiac sign, you will be seen with minor depression. Vain problems may arise from relatives. Businessmen will get new opportunities.

Family will support the efforts. It is better to exercise moderation when it comes to money.

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Zodiac Predictions – 10 July 2022

This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)