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Temple a day-Thiruvaanaikaaval


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Temple a day-Thiruvaanaikaaval

Thiruvanaikka Watershed, which flows like mother water and flows to Esan!

Tiruvanaikaval, or Tiruanaikaval, is a grand Shiva temple town located on the banks of the Kaveri river near Trichy.

It is also called Thiruvanaikaval. Some also call it Thiruvanaikka.

Appar, Tirunnasambandar, Sundarar, Arunagirinathar, Thayumanavar, Iyadigal Kadavarkon, so it is called the Song-bearing Thalam.

Ichivalayam belongs to water, one of the panchabhuta thalams of Lord Shiva.

The Chola country is the 60th Shiva Thalam in the Kaveri Vadakarai Thalam among the places that have received Devara songs.

Temple history

In Puranic times, this place was a forest full of white novel trees.

There was a shiva lingam under a white nepal tree.

Two of the Sivaganas were born in this forest as an elephant and a spider due to a curse they received.

Elephant and spider as devotees of Shiva
Shiva lingam lay without a roof in the sun and rain.

The spider had woven a web over the lingam to protect the lingam from rain and tree branches.

The elephant was worshiped by bringing water and flowers from the Cauvery through its chanting.

Elephant spiders consider the web as unnecessary and destroy it.

The spider webs again and continues its worship.

This continued every day, and the spider, who wanted to punish the elephant, joined in the praise of the elephant, and the elephant and the spider finally both died in the fight.

For their devotion to Shiva, Mechi Lord Shiva made the elephant the leader of the Shiva Ganas.


The spider was reborn as a king named Kochengat Chola.

Kochengat Chola built 70 temples and established a Shivalingam on a mountain with narrow steps so that elephants could not climb due to the smell of the past.

All of them are called Matakkoil.

The first temple built by Kochengat Chola was the Thiruvanaikka Jambukeswarar temple.

Head features

Panchabhuta Thalam – water body

Thiruvananthapuram is one of the Panchabhuta thalams. Appu in vernacular means water.

As the lingam of Moolara Jambukeshuvar is below the ground level, there is always water leakage.

It is worth noting that even in the dead of summer, when the Cauvery is dry, this seepage does not dry up.

A lingam with ambiga

The Jambu Lingam here was made by Mother.

Ambika once came to earth and decided to worship Lord Shiva.

He took some water from the beautiful Kaveri and drained the lingam. The water from Ambigai’s hands turned into a lingam.

Ambika worshiped the lingam and became blissful. Being made of water, the lingam is given as Jambukeswarar

Kubera Lingam

Another shrine houses the Kubera Lingam. It has a huge shape and bears a multi-faceted Rudraksha.

Everyone knows the story that it was because Kubera worshiped this Kubera lingam that Lord Shiva blessed him and became rich.

Now the Kubera Linga shrine has become one of the most popular places of worship.

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Temple a day-Thiruvaanaikaaval


This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)