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OPS expelled from AIADMK


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OPS expelled from AIADMK

The General Committee (GC) of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) today canceled the dual leadership structure and appointed Edappadi K. Palaniswami as the party’s interim general secretary.

Subsequently, a special resolution was passed to expel O. Panneerselvam and his three loyalists from the party.

Speaking at the General Assembly meeting, senior leader Natham Viswanathan accused Panneerselvam of having a ‘brutal face’ that was in stark contrast to his reputation as a ‘calm man’. It is.

Quoting the verses of the 19th-century reformer Vallalar, who should have nothing to do with Panneerselvam,

Because he always kept what he wanted to himself and spoke completely different things to the outside world.

At that time, the general committee members raised slogans against Panneerselvam and demanded action against him.

When Viswanathan tried to pacify them by promising action, senior leader KP Munusamy took the mic from him. Munusamy said:

“You are members of the General Assembly. You demand that he (OPS) be expelled from the party. You represent 1.5 crore party members.

Your representation here will be reflected in a resolution, which will be presented by our (Interim) General Secretary. Wait until then.”

OPS removed from AIADMK General Committee
The AIADMK leader, who claimed that the court cannot interfere in the disputes of the political party, demanded a ban on the holding of the general body meeting.

The Madras High Court on Monday dismissed the plea of ​​former coordinator O. Panneerselvam.

Judge Krishnan Ramasamy delivered the verdict on Monday morning, which is the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu

The EPS allowed the parties to convene the apex decision-making body, the GC.

Ahead of the crucial GC meeting, the Edappadi K Palaniswami (EPS) and O. Panneerselvam (OPS) factions clashed outside the party headquarters.

In front of the AIADMK office, the EPS and OPS attacked by pelting stones. Some people were reportedly injured in the clash.

Meanwhile, some people broke the door of the party office and forced their way inside. Security has been strengthened at the AIADMK office.

Action to remove Panneerselvam from the post of treasurer may be taken at the GC meeting as he has failed to perform his duties properly.

Panneerselvam is said to be holding meetings with his supporters at his Greenways Road residence, ignoring the meeting.

While the OPS camp is protesting against the meeting to elect Palaniswami as the Chief Minister,

For the first time by any political party in Tamil Nadu, the party has installed entry control devices like flap barriers and turnstiles to allow only authorized activists with access cards.

A large open air tin roof has been put up in the complex to host the event and accommodate around 3,000 activists.

A large dais, about 80 feet long and 40 feet wide, is set up to accommodate senior leaders.

All over the campus party symbols such as M.G. It is adorned with portraits of Ramachandran and J. Jayalalitha, while a picture of Palaniswami is carefully interspersed.

Palaniswami is expected to be accorded a grand welcome on his arrival at the gathering.

EPS supporters and party leaders including P. Thangamani, RB Udayakumar reviewed the arrangements for holding the event on Sunday.

While Palaniswami’s side claimed that the support of AIADMK members has increased to 2,455, Panneerselvam’s side said that OPS has the support of 1.5 crore party members.

The party has around 2,650 GC members, party executives competed with each other in placing advertisements in support of EPS in the party organization ‘Namdu Amma’,

And the party’s Tamil daily was full of promotional materials hailing Palaniswami as the dawn and future of the party.

OPS expelled from AIADMK

AIADMK sources told PTI that party treasurer Panneerselvam’s only option was to boycott the meeting.

When the GC met on June 23, riotous scenes were witnessed and the marginalized OPS Palaniswami was forced to walk out with his supporters after voicing his opposition to the camp.

Since last month, in the ADMK, there has been a fierce conflict within the party over the issue of single leadership and Panneerselvam has been sidelined in the party as Palaniswami has majority support.

AIADMK is expected to act against Panneerselvam soon.

The Madras High Court on Friday said that an order will be passed on the petition challenging the holding of the general body meeting by 9 am on July 11.

The meeting was originally scheduled for July 11 and was scheduled to begin that morning. Now the fate of the crowd depends on the court verdict.

While Panneerselvam is against the meeting, Palaniswami, who is expected to be elected as the Supreme Leader in the General Assembly meeting, is in favor of it.

OPS expelled from AIADMK

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)