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Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022


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Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Aswini-1, 2, 3, 4 feet – Bharani-1, 2, 3, 4 feet – Karthikai-1, foot)
Ashwini — This week, gold jewelery is available in a variety of ways.

You will get friendship and love from good people. Devotion prevails in the mind. The ability to achieve what you think in your mind will increase.

There will be good health. You will also get a beautiful and elegant house. Mother’s health needs to be taken care of.

Some may experience confusion in family life. Some may be wasteful. Wife’s work brings happiness.

Value and prestige will increase. Laziness increases. Involvement in spirituality for women,

Because of that there will be progress in the family. Lenders are strict.

Bharani — You will engage in devotional activities with great enthusiasm this week.

The house will look for good information about generous spending of money due to auspicious things in the house.

A variety of high-end vehicles will be available. For some, a woman of great stature will become a wife.

You will get full happiness through your wife. You will get everyone’s appreciation because of the success you get due to hard work.

Happiness comes from happiness and profit from government. There will be auspicious talks in the surroundings and friendship.

Agam enjoys the cooperation of friends and family. Even the efforts taken will require a lot of work to succeed.

Karthika 1st pada.— This week there will be great inclination towards Bhakti. High quality clothes ornaments and all the desired items will arrive at home.

Unmarried people get married. You will be appreciated by people because of your service.

The steady progress of children brings joy to the mind. Traders will benefit by introducing new trading techniques.

It is advisable to be cautious during night trips. Some may travel abroad for work.

The wishes of government servants will be fulfilled by the friendship of worthy people. Women should try to reduce their spending and increase savings.

(Karthikai – 2,3,4 feet-Rohini-1,2,3,4-feet-Mrukasriteam-1,2 feet)

Karthikai 2,3,4 Padas – Due to divine prayer this week, delayed marriages will be avoided. Beloved friends help their progress by giving constructive advice.

You will be immersed in the pleasures of pleasure trips, such as pleasure tours. The problems in the family will be removed and there will be unity and progress.

All the expected government assistance will be available without delay. Job seekers will get good job according to their skills.

New positions will be available and the status will rise accordingly. Entrepreneurs will get help from government and bank and good progress will be made.

Rohini – This week you will see improvements in work due to the support of your superiors.

You will enjoy pleasant trips with your beloved mangai. New friends bring many benefits.

Students may lose interest in studies due to distractions. So, if you study deeply according to the advice of the teachers, you can get more marks.

Some may experience job transfers, hardships on journeys, moneylenders’ mischief, brotherly enmity, government-type harassment, etc.

So don’t give up when adversity strikes, try to move forward in life with courage.

Mrigasirisham – 1,2 Padas – Your performance will increase this week. In many ways, success comes from success.

Wealth level will also increase. Better to invest in welfare savings and stock market for later.

For working women, there will be improvements in work due to the support of higher authorities. Some will have a new vahana yoga.

Beautiful private house with all amenities. Unfair actions of partners will cause confusion in your mind.

Children’s mastery brings joy to the mind. Farmers will get government assistance easily as expected. Marriage period will increase for working women.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Mrigasiritam- 3,4 feet, Tiruvadhirai-1,2,3,4 feet, Punarbhusam-1,2,3 feet)
Mrigasiresham – 3, 4 padas. – Opportunities to go abroad will come this week. Be careful while traveling.

Unexpected delays can cause obstacles in new projects taken up. The work will be heavy and the pay will not be adequate. Some may be disturbed by government officials.

But with the support of political bigots, promotions are easily available. The arrival of old relationships, dear to the heart, will blow in the heart’s castle, a breeze.

The dull day of marriage comes, and flowers of happiness bloom in the heart. Some people spend money at home and play tulli.

Tiruvadhirai – If you act immediately without postponing anything this week, you can achieve greatness.

Due to the stable economic condition, you can get everything you want, like a house or a car. Students should not waste time and study with ideas and make their parents proud.

Successful in government job exams and get job order for new post.

The working women suffer mental strain due to the brutality of the authorities and seek to shift to another place or job.

Slowness from business will be replaced by momentum. Due to that the profit will also increase.

Punarbhusam – 1, 2, 3 – feet. Money in the hand and happiness in the heart will overflow this week. The ability to achieve anything and the desire to finish what you set your mind to will give you good progress in life.

Promotions will follow if the incumbents act with great care. With the patronage of family members, confusions will be removed and happiness will be created.

With the help of influential people, your economic conditions will rise and strengthen.

Before buying an immovable property such as a new house, it is advisable to research the related documents such as original deeds, deeds, leases etc.

(Punarabhusam- 4th Pada, Pusam, Oilyam)
Punarbhusam – 4th pada. This week, psychic information will arrive. Income will increase. The visit of friends and relations will delight the soul.

The entertainment will be pleasant in the dream centers of the youth like cinema, drama, mall. The sales force of the sales representatives will heat up the sales of the products.

A mother’s love and warmth brings happiness. Some people’s imagination increases and they write stories and poems effectively and become famous. Friends become enemies because of jealousy.

If you are inactive, there will be obstacles. If you argue with the authorities, you may be fined. Some people may experience skin problems.

Pusam – This week you will enjoy going with relatives and having darshan of saints. Wearing beautiful clothes and ornaments brings happiness.

You will try to take up new ventures through travels and see career progress. You may move from place to place and live in another place. You will adopt new sales tactics to get more profit.

You will be successful in your business by following the methods to get expected profits. You will achieve rare feats more than your competitors. Some people’s bodies will deteriorate.

The small business owners will get the necessary bank loan assistance and the business will flourish.

Aiyalam – You will get all kinds of advancements and prestige in life this week. Make good friends. Value and respect will increase. Avoid arguing with women.

For some, wasteful wanderings and cutting costs are unavoidable. Pooja worships will fulfill the desired thoughts. There will be ability to overcome enemies. Some will have successful career advancements.

Disagreement may arise between siblings. You will be blessed with a son. Honorary degrees and positions are available. All the expected benefits will come through the government departments.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Magam- 1,2,3,4 feet, Pooram- 1,2,3,4 feet and Uthiram- 1 foot)
Magam – This week you will enjoy pleasant journeys with your sweetheart. Long distance travel related to business will be profitable.

Some will have increased cash flow and successful career advancements. Government assistance is readily available to female employees.

You will get advancements in life, good experiences and prestige. Long distance travel will be beneficial.

For some people there will be displacements, hardships in journeys, tyranny of creditors, brotherly enmity, government-type harassment, etc. So don’t give up when adversity comes, try to move forward in life with courage.

Puram – This week there will be progress in life and you will attain high honor. Paternal relations will be beneficial.

Government employees will get all the benefits expected by their departments. For some people there may be obstacles and delays. Vain wanderings may also occur.

Speakers earn income through their speaking engagements. Employees may get higher positions due to favor of superiors.

Some people also receive money from enemies. There will be good fame and honor in the surroundings. Some may be harassed and humiliated by children.

Uthram- 1 Padam – This week you will get help from maternal relations. The presence of a guest will bring joy to the mind. Expenditure increases with entertainment like cinema with them.

For some people there will be progress in life even if there are obstacles and time delays. Unable to eat on time due to non-stop hard work.

Paternal relations will benefit. Financial assistance is available to pay government dues and tax arrears.

Some people may encounter unexpected problems while traveling. Accidents can be avoided if you are careful while traveling in vehicles.

(Uttaram – 2, 3, 4-feet, Hastam-1, 2, 3, 4 feet, Chitra – 1,2 feet)
Uttaram – 2, 3, 4 – feet. All auspicious things at home will be special and successful this week. There will be new friends and business gain. Imagination will increase.

Long distance travel for business will be beneficial. Reducing anger will also reduce family confusion. Paternal relations can cause unnecessary problems.

There is a possibility of confusion due to the association of evil people. You will introduce new strategies in business and reap the fruits of success.

Some will have successful career advancements. There are also unexpected surprises. Funding may also be available through Circulators.

Hastam – This week you will have peace of mind with divine thoughts. Clothing, ornaments, good food, unexpected income.

There will be joy in the house like feasting, joyous celebration, cheering. Expect good news.

These days you will get appreciation from higher authorities for your efficient activities. Expect promotions with support from higher authorities.

Income opportunities will increase through business expansion activities. You will be appreciated by higher authorities and get monetary benefits through promotion.

Chitrai – 1,2 padas – This week government employees will get many benefits from the ruling class and will get new position and responsibility. Students will get vehicle facility and good education.

Some get government awards. Some will get house and land. There will be complete relaxation. The good intention of helping others prevails. For some, marriage talks may begin.

Progeny may develop. You will win against anyone due to increased morale. New business strategies will make you more profitable. Income will increase in many ways as expected in business.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Chitrai-3,4 Padas, Swathi – 1,2,3,4 Padas and Visagam- 1,2,3 Padas)
Chitrai-3,4 Padas – Women’s intelligence will increase this week. It is better to be very cautious about money matters. Habits with good people lead to good progress.

Distant news will increase happiness in the home. You will always be thinking about money. New friends will be beneficial.

Students may lose interest in studies due to distractions. So, if you study deeply according to the advice of the teachers, you can get more marks.

New measures taken to fulfill your important business-related plans will be successful. Bank loans are readily available to traders.

Swathi – New ventures will increase cash income this week. You will buy beautiful clothes and ornaments. The government has an advantage. You will benefit from the friendship of officials.

Children’s health needs a lot of attention. Marketers attract customers with their votes and increase profits. Some will get new positions and hence increase in income.

You will gain wisdom by listening to many good opinions. You will get the wife’s full consent to go on the path of devotion. There will be more revenue growth in the business through new purchases.

Visagam – 1, 2, 3 Padas – Expected auspicious news from distant lands will come this week and expenses will increase. For auspiciousness, a festival kolam should be done at home.

There will be yoga to engage in new endeavors and get a good job. You will collect all the arrears due from business trips.

Get complete recitation of relations and friends. Business will get more profit through new purchases. Government employees are expected to seek leadership positions.

Their services will be recognized by all. Being interested in music, you will go to Sangeet Sabhas and enjoy listening to music.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Visakam- 4, Anusham- 1,2,3,4 Padas and Gate -1,2,3,4 Padas)
Visakha – 4th pada – This week the mind will be happy with the darshan of saints and the mind will be at peace. Income will be generous from the places you expected.

Transfers can occur in unexpected ways. Expected good news will come from distant lands. Dealers who are friendly with customers will get more profit.

All your efforts will be successful. You will feel compassion for others and do charity. Favorable news and information will arrive from the government.

By finding a good guru, you will gain clarity of knowledge in the spiritual way. Crops and land will bring profit.

Anusham – Favored by the government this week. You will buy and accumulate all the desired items. All wishes come true.

There will be happiness, addition of clothes and ornaments, blessing of sons and unexpected incomes. New business ventures are hugely successful with government support.

Proficiency in education, divine thinking and moral thinking will also occur. Some people get luxury vehicles. Get comfort and friendship from famous people.

Businesses like book publishing will improve and gain will increase. Suppressing anger will reduce difficulties. Good compatibility with co-borns. There will be creativity and motivation in making money.

Ketai – You will buy beautiful clothes and ornaments this week. There is boundless happiness through wife. You will be blessed with a son.

Career opportunities will be bright. Speakers earn income and fame through votes. But, due to arguments, problems may arise in the family.

So, it is better to accommodate everyone. It is better to cut unnecessary expenses. Investments for traders will increase and profits will also increase.

There will be development in career and career. You will benefit from the friendship of superiors. All your endeavors will be successful.

(Moolam-1,2,3,4 feet, Puradam- 1,2,3,4 feet and Uddhiradham –1 foot)
Moolam– this week has been a fun week. You will attend parties and spend time with friends with joy and gaiety.

Expect great benefits and get a chance to travel to many holy places.

Unmarried people get married. All the expected benefits from the politicians and the government will be available without delay. Business related endeavors will be on the way to success.

If you avoid vain worries, there will be peace in the house. Some may suffer from being blamed by others in various ways. Working women can expect promotions.

Puradam – Expect good news this week. A very favorable week for you. Inflow can occur in many ways. Your efficiency in doing any task will increase.

Because of that you will achieve your work goal. Some get a high position dictating to others. New job seekers will have a good time.

Blessings of saints and benefits from new connections. You will get success in competition and races. Achieving academic excellence requires hard work.

You will take new loans and pay off the old ones. Attempts to start a new business are ripe for success.

Uttaradam – 1st pada – This week the home will be filled with happiness due to the blessing of sons and auspicious events. Due to expansions there will be good growth in business.

You will get benefits from sudden trips. People in government jobs get the desired promotion due to the love and support of the officials.

Sometimes lethargy and moodiness prevail. Merchants can attract their customers and increase profits by announcing attractive products as giveaways.

Friends will come and help. Students can get high marks if they study the subjects carefully.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Uttradam- 2,3,4- feet, Thiruvonam-1,2,3,4 and Avitam 1,2 feet)
Uttiradam- 2,3,4– Feet – This week the pleasures from women will be permanent, due to the profit and auspicious events at home. Economic conditions will be satisfactory.

Expected success in competitive exams. Old debts will be collected soon. The mind will be happy with the income from an unexpected place.

Some people will have money problems and unnecessary wanderings. It is better to be cautious with partners to avoid disappointment.

It is better to go peacefully as there is a possibility of disagreement with the wife and due to this there will be a situation where you will have to put your hands on the money in the savings.

Thiruvonam– There may be opportunities to buy house and land this week. You will get financial support from your siblings. You will be stylishly dressed and stylish.

There will be friendship of good, superior people and virtuous people. Be careful when driving new vehicles. Not all comforts and pleasures can be expected.

There will always be some resentment. Minor ailments like headache may occur. Some may face troubles in travel and government.

Lack of cooperation among employees in the industry can lead to a decrease in productivity.

Avitam 1,2 Feet – This week will be full of family happiness. Childbirth, new business opportunities, lottery yogas, holy darshans will occur.

Relationship between couples will increase. All your endeavors will be successful with the blessings of elders.

Neighbors, friends and brothers will find a solution to your problems. Dealers who sell second-hand goods will earn good income.

There will be success in the efforts taken to start a new business and there will be good development in the business.

(Avitam – 3,4 feet – Sadayam – 1,2,3,4 feet – Puratathi – 1,2,3 feet)
Avitam – 3,4 feet— This week will be a satisfactory week as far as money matters are concerned. Expect weddings at home. A good son will be blessed.

New energy and enthusiasm will increase. A variety of high-end vehicles will be available. For some, a woman of great stature will become a wife. Students will excel in education.

People holding government positions will get favorable results from kindness. It is better not to use harsh words with friends as friends can become enemies with time.

If you work hard to make all your efforts successful, you will get the corresponding profit and benefit.

Sadayam- This week you will get full happiness through your beloved wife. Vehicle facilities will improve. Good tidings come from far away and bring joy.

There is clarity of mind and due to it performance increases. If relationships are adjusted, their help will come without asking. Some may also suffer from health problems.

Reducing luxury expenses can help you recover from financial problems. Hard work and hard work will bring good progress in career.

If you get a job by knocking, your subordinates will give their hand in the work. New girls will be contacted.

Puratathi-1,2,3 feet – Expect good and high developments in children this week. Pleasant travel brings happiness to the mind.

Mother’s love and warmth and help will be supportive. For unmarried women, marriage attempts are made. Caution is required when traveling in vehicles.

You will get helpful new friends. If workers are accommodated, production will increase and so will profits. Be careful when talking to other family members to avoid problems.

Investing in the stock market and competitive betting can avoid losses if you research well.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022

(Pooratathi – 4th pada, Uttaratathi-1,2.3.4 padas, Revathi- 1,2,3,4 padas)
Puratathi – 4th Pada – Comforts will increase this week.. Mind will be happy with good news. Foreign travel and trade will increase profits.

There will be peace and tranquility at home. There will be a situation where you have to listen to your wife. It is better to reduce wasteful expenses and save.

In business only gains can be made if you work hard to overcome the competition. Some may have to make unnecessary and hectic journeys.

Government servants are given positions of authority to issue orders. There will be improvement in the writing profession. Mother-in-law will benefit. Some get honorary degrees.

Uthratathi– This week there will be happiness in the home due to auspicious events. Farmers who get extra money from many sources will have higher yields and profits will increase their comforts.

Working women will improve with the support of their superiors. Involvement in Bhakti Marg will increase. Auspicious events bring happiness to the home.

It is better to be consistent with your wife so that there is no disagreement. Considering the future, you will try to make new plans and progress in the business. Happiness increases with the arrival of relations, and expenses also increase.

Revathi– This week there will be yoga for buying land or vehicle. Your virtues will be appreciated by all. For some, going on holy pilgrimages brings happiness and peace of mind.

Steady economic growth always fills the mind with happiness. Gold jewelery is also available in various forms. Family members will also be happy as their wishes will be fulfilled.

Empirical intelligence will increase, gain will come from land and house. Additional income will be generated due to better public relations.

It is better not to engage in unnecessary arguments with friends and relatives.

Weekly Horoscope 11-17 July-2022