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Do you know about White Pillaiyar?


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)

Do you know about White Pillaiyar?

Ganesha created by Indra

It is said that Ganesha is white in color because he is made of milk foam and worshiping him will remove obstacles and bring success.

At Sri senchadainathar Shiva Temple, which is about six kilometers from Kumbakonam, a white Varana Pillayar called Thiruvalanjuzhi graces the temple. Purana says that this Ganesha was created by Indra.

When the Devas and Asuras approached the milky ocean for nectar, many obstacles arose.

Realizing that this was happening because he was acting without worshiping Ganesha, Indra immediately made a Ganesha out of sea foam and worshiped him and continued his efforts. So got nectar.

Everyone competed to worship this Ganesha. Eventually the Devas decided to worship at Tirukailai in Kridayuga, Vaikunda in Tretayuga, Satyaloka in Dvaparayuga and Bhooloka in Kaliyuga.

Accordingly, this Lord Ganesha is currently blessing here. He has no abhishekam. Green camphor is the only extract.

In this temple festival Lord Vinayaka is seated between two Shaktis, Veni-Kamalai.

The white marble Ganesha can be visited at many places in North India. It is rare to see Ganesha in white color in Tamil Nadu.

But now Venvinayagar, made of white marble, blesses the devotees at Srinavashakti Saradadevi temple in Mayiladuthurai Koraynadu.

Rajaraja Cholan worshiped Tiruvalanjuzhinathar and prayed for marriage. Worshiping White Ganesha will fulfill your mental desires. Devotees say that troubles caused by enemies will be removed and one will win in competitive races.

The White Pilliyar Temple is a Ganesha temple in the heart of Thanjavur city. Thiruvalanjuji also has a temple called White Ganesha Temple. These two temples are the temples of this name in Thanjavur district.

Thanjavur Palace Devasthanam
The temple is one of the 88 temples under the Thanjavur Palace Devasthanam. This temple is located in the middle of Thanjavur city. This is one of the important Vinayakas of Thanjavur city.

The temple is located in an important part of the city in the north direction near Tanjore Big Temple.

Here Ganapati is looking east as a white child. Vallabhai is Ganesha because he has got up with ‘Vallabhai’. In colloquial terms, they are known as Vellaipillayar.

It is a tradition to worship Lord Ganesha as white Ganesha. This is known as Sweda Ganesha. There is also a book called ‘Svedha Vinayagar Kalpam’. The Suvetha Vinayagar temple in the Thiruvalanjuzhi  Valanjuzhinathar temple complex was built during the Chola period.

Opposite the eastern gate of Thanjavur Fort, outside the moat are two temples. The northernmost temple is the White Ganesha temple. This temple was built by the Nayaka kings of Thanjavur.

During the reign of King Vijayaragavanayakar, a small book called ‘Vellai Pilliyar Kuravanchi’ appeared in praise of Lord Ganesha. The final stanza of this book contains the lines ‘Vijayaragava Nayakkar Vazhi, ‘Talawai Vengdanthran Vazhi’.

Do you know about White Pillaiyar?

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)