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Organic Banana fibre Saree


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Organic Banana fibre Saree

Eco-Friendly fibres

Nature has everything that a man needs, be it food, clothes, techniques, and most importantly, ideas.

Our ancestors wore clothes made out of natural fibres, of which Linen and Cotton were the most common ones.

But with industrial ageing, we developed new techniques to build yarns that produced longer lasting synthetic fibres such as Nylon, micro fibre, etc.

How much ever we grow, humans have the tendency to stay connected with their roots.

In spite of the hovering dusk at the natural weaving techniques in the mid 20th century, we have come a full circle now where our love for naturally available fibres such as jute, linen, bamboo, banana, java cotton, etc. has resurfaced.

In fact, wearing the age old handloom sarees made out of vegetable stalks has now become a style statement.

Banana Fibre sarees

Also known as “Vazhai Naaru”, fibres created from the banana plant has proved that creativity knows no bounds.

Banana cultivation is significantly high in the southern states of India, and that’s where banana fibre saree was born.

A very few people would reminisce the existence of Pattu saris, and fewer would know that these now-bygone sarees were made from the same fibers.

Banana fibre sarees have become a pioneering choice among working women for its sumptuous simplicity when adorned.

The ever evolving technology has made it possible to avail these eco-friendly sarees anywhere you are in spite of them being manufactured in different states.

The splendid weaving techniques of organic sarees give them an elegant look that urges you to have on as soon as you lay your eyes on them.

100% banana yarn

Seeing a saree crafted from 100% banana yarn will definitely make you long for one that very moment.

With the finesse of manual craftsmanship, banana fibre sarees last long without losing its authenticity. Infused with bright colours and weaved using high-end zari with finer details in the pallu, a banana fibre saree must have a place in every woman’s wardrobe.

The first step in the weaving process is the creation of yarn. The yarn is created from Banana fibers which are extracted from Banana stems.

The process involved in the extraction of banana fibers is intensive and time-consuming.

The sarees are then woven using dyed yarn. These sarees usher in a minimalistic look with thread-woven motifs but the elegance lies in the feel and appearance of the fabric.

These sarees are available in unique colors. In most banana silk sarees, banana fibers make up the wrap of the fabric and silk makes up the weft.

Attributes of banana fiber

  1. The inner layer is soft like silk
  2. The outer layer is rough like burlap or cotton
  3. The silky interior fiber is very delicate
  4. The fabric is often more expensive to produce than silk

Since Banana is a plant fiber produced naturally, they are 100% organic, bio-degradable, durable and sustainable

How is the banana fabric used?

Banana fibers are used for a variety of different purposes ranging from making quality paper cards to textiles. There is a demand for high quality fabrics made from these fibers.

The blend of banana fibers with silk gives the fabric a unique look and feel; combining the luster and elegance of silk with the texture and durability of the banana fibers.

How does banana fabric impact the environment?

Banana fiber production has a negligible impact on the environment. Even among the natural fibers, the banana fabric is in a special category in terms of sustainability.

That’s because this fabric is derived from what would otherwise be a waste product; banana peels are discarded anyway when banana fruit is used, so why not turn them into clothing?

If done properly, banana fabric production can be harmonious with the environment.

We’re sure the global trend toward sustainability will gradually uplift banana fiber to its rightful place in the natural fabric pantheon.

With rising awareness of slow fashion, sustainability and eco-friendly processing, natural fibers are gaining importance.

The most optimal choice for you will be the one that will allow you to waste less, purchase fewer, and wear your items for longer. Natural fibers comes to your rescue.

They are known for their biodegradability, renewability, lightweight and better biochemical and strength properties.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)