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Temple a day-Thiruthanigai


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Temple a day-Thiruthanigai

Tiruthanigai Murugan Temple

Among the six houses of Lord Murugan, the fifth house is the fifth house. It is located on Tiruthani Hill in Tiruvallur District, North Tamil Nadu, India.

This is the place where Lord Muruga got married to Valli. The hill temple has 365 steps to represent the 365 days of the year.

It is the place where the song was given by Arunagirinath who sang Tirupugall. A place sung by Muthuchami Dikshatra too. This temple is also known as Tanigai Murugan Temple.


References to this temple can be found in the Tirumurukautpapa written by Nakkirar, a poet of the Sangam period.

This temple was maintained by Visayanagar kings and local landlords.

Head History:

Tiruthani is the place where Lord Muruga calmed down his anger after fighting with Soorapadman who was causing endless suffering to the gods and removing the grief of the gods.

Hence this place is known as Tanigai. Murugan is standing in this place on a separate hill towards the east.

The place where the fear of Gods is removed, the place where sages overcome the enmity of lust, the place where the suffering, anxiety, poverty, poverty etc. of servants are alleviated, it is known as Tiruthani.

The mountain ranges spread on both sides of this mountain. The hill to the north is called Pacharisi hill because it is white and the hill to the south is called Punnaku hill because it is black.

The famous Kumara Theertha, also known as Saravana Poikai, is located at the foothills of Thirukulam. It is called Matham Village because there are many Maths around this Thirukkulam.

From the eastern bank of the pond, the hill looks like a curved garland.

The scene will be very beautiful. Therefore, Arunagirinath has praised this as the beautiful Tiruthani Hill.

Temple Structure:

This temple is situated on a hill called Tanigai hill. The temple has a five storied tower and four precincts.

There are many water bodies associated with this temple. In this temple, Murugan is depicted as having the power of wisdom with Vajravel (a flute-like instrument that sounds like thunder) in his right hand and his left hand on his thigh.

This Murugan has no veal which is in other temples. Vail and rooster flags are placed separately only during decoration. Both Valli and Deivanai have separate shrines.

Opening time

The temple is usually open from 5:45 am to 09:00 pm. On special days, the temple is open throughout the day from 12 noon to 3 pm.


18 km from Arakkonam. At a distance, 84 km northwest of Chennai. Far away, Thiruthani is located near the Andhra state border. From Chennai, there are bus and train facilities to reach Tiruthani.


December 31 – Graduation
Mar timber
Adith Theppath Festival

After the Diwali celebrations in the month of Aipasi, the festival that everyone looks forward to is the Kanda Sashtip Festival.

For the six days following the Aipasi Amavasi, the Kanda Shashti festival will be celebrated in the temples where Murugan resides.

All the devotees of Muruga observe fast and remain forever absorbed in the memory of Lord Muruga.

By singing the praises of Lord Muruga and visiting the temples where he resides, they immerse themselves in the memory of Murugan day in and day out.

Merits of Tiruthani

On the sixth day, the completion day of Shashti, they observe a fast without food and water and enjoy the miracle of Lord Muruga performing Samharam on Soorapadman and his brothers that evening.

At that time in their minds, ‘no more problems and sufferings will continue in their lives.

With the thought that ‘asura guna will not interfere in their minds’, they worship Lord Muruga with great devotion and complete the fast the next morning.

Ganda Shasti festival will be celebrated in all the Muruga places.

Isn’t it amazing that at the same moment, only one camp of Lord Muruga is quiet without any kind of clamor?

That place is Thiruthanigai Thiruthalam! It is the fifth temple of Aingaran Thambi!

As it is the place where lord Muruga sits relaxed, surasamharam does not take place there.

There he blesses with only love and mercy. It was the result of smelling Valli!

It is due to the fact that Chinam sat down, that when we visit him, our sorrows and sorrows are relieved by his grace.

That is why this place is known as ‘Tanigai’. Surasamharam festival is not only held in Tiruthani because it is the place where Lord Muruga’s chin is soothed and graced.

Only Kanda Shashti festival is celebrated as a religious festival without Surasamharam. On this occasion, only Valli Thirukalyanam is celebrated in the temple as a special treat.

If you see this, it is believed that even those who are barred from marriage will get married soon.

Tiruthanigai Hill
The Ganda Purana extols that the best of mountains is ‘Tiruthanikai’.

If you go to Thiruthanika and think of Lord Muruga or worship Muruga in the direction of Thiruthanika,

Witnesses say that if you walk ten steps towards the direction of the investigation, you will get all the benefits in life.

Temple Thalapurana says that Lord Vishnu got back his chakra weapon lost from Tarakasura, the brother of Soorapadman, by worshiping Lord Muruga.

Devotees believe that bathing in the Vishnu Theertha created by Lord Vishnu and worshiping Thanikaimalai Murugan will cure all diseases.

The fact that Murugan has no veal in Tiruthani temple is a special feature of this place.

Among the six houses, the highest sanctum sanctorum is located in Tiruthani.

Patipuja is held in the English New Year at this magnificent Thiruthanikai temple with various specialties.

Temple a day-Thiruthanigai


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)