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Temple a day-Thingaloor


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Temple a day-Thingaloor

Thingalur Kailasanathar Temple, where the Devara Vaiputthalam song is found Scientifically speaking, researchers say that there are variations in people’s thinking and actions during the waxing and waning phases of the moon.

Our siddhas and astronomers have said this thousands of years ago. Lord Shiva blesses the devotees by putting the moon in his hair as Chandrasekaran.

Here you can know the special features of Tingaluru Kailasanathar Temple, where Lord Shiva and Lord Chandra are blessed together.

The Tingaluru Kailasanathar Temple is an ancient temple of about 2000 years.

Lord Shiva of this temple is called Kailasanathar and Ambal Periyanayaki.

The main tree of this temple is the bow tree. The theertha is known as Chandra Pushkarani theertha. Everyone knows only Thirunavukarasar who sang Devaram.

But of the two sons born to the great devotee Apoodiyadi and his wife Thenmozhi Devi who lived in Tingalore, the elder was called Vira Thirunavukarasu and the younger son was also called Thirunavukarasu.

Appoothiadigal, who had the motto of ‘People’s service is Mahesan service’, served the people by setting up water pandals and alms houses in the name of Thirunavukarasar.

Once a snake bit the eldest son of the Appoothiadis, the elder Thirunavukkara. It is said in history that he was saved by Tirunavukarasar who sang Devaram. Idols of the Aboothiadis and their family members can still be seen in the Thingaloor temple.

Mythological Name(s): Thingalur
Name: Tingalore Kailasanathar Temple

City: Thingalur
District: Thanjavur
State: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Temple information
Source: Kailasanathar
Mother: Great heroine
Thirtham: Chandra Pushkarini

Song Genre: Devara Vaiputthalam

Arranged by: Cholas

Among the Navagraha thalams, the Moon thalam is Thingalur. This place is located at a distance of about 3 km from Tiruvaiyat and about 33 km from Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. It is a Devara deposit.

Sthala history

Devas and Asuras worshiped Tirupapalakada to obtain amrita.

When they crossed the ocean of milk with the magic mountain Madha and the serpent Vasuki as a rope, the poison of the Alagaka was released.

The Asuras were standing on the head side of Vasuki and the Devas on the tail side. To save the Devas the Lord himself drank the poison.

However, due to Nanjan’s impact, the gods became unconscious. At that time, the moon, which rose with amrita, cleared the devas’ unconsciousness.

Aboodi feet

This place is the avatar place of Apodi Adigal Nayanar. It is a temple held by Apodi Adigal Nayanar in the name of Thirunavukkarasar.

In Tingalore there lived a Sivanadiyar named Apoothi ​​Adigal. Because of his great love for Thirunavukarasar, he used to do many good deeds in his name.

Thirunavukarasar, who once got up to Tingalore, visited the house of Apodi Adi.

Thirunavukkarasar accepted the request of Apudi Adi that Thirunavukkarasar should dine at his residence.

For that, he sent his son, a boy named Apodi Adigal, to go to the garden and pick banana leaves.

But the boy died after being bitten by a snake in a banana grove. Not wanting to show his grief to Thirunavukarasar, Apodi covered the body with a cloth and served food to Thirunavukarasar.

But realizing the situation, Tirunavukarasar took the body of the boy to the temple and laid it in front of the Lord and sang to the Lord.

The boy woke up alive. Ten of the songs sung by Tirunavukkarasar are called “Thirupathigam”.

Highlights of the temple:

The first feeding of rice to the baby is called Annaprasanam. Guruvayur temple in Kerala state is the most famous temple for Annaprasannam ritual.

The Tingaluru Kailasanathar Temple is the most famous place in Tamil Nadu for offering food to children.

On star days like Ashwini, Mrigasir, Uthiram, Swathi, Thiruvonam, Satayam, Revathi and during Chandrahora, children are shown the moon and cow in a silver bowl, and milk and honey are mixed with it and the child is fed.

The highlight of this temple is that the eclipses of the moon in the months of Puratasi and Panguni are arranged to fall on the idol of the Lord.

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Lord: Kailasanathar
Goddess: Periyanaiaki
Moon is facing south-east direction.
Color of Moon: White
Vachthram: White cloth
Tanyam; Paddy
Food: Curd rice
Flower: White flower

Temple Address

Arulmiku Kailasanathar Temple Tingalore Thanjavur District – 613204
Phone number 4362 – 262499

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)