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Temple a day-Thirunaageswaram


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Temple a day-Thirunaageswaram

Thirunageswaram Naganathaswamy Temple is located in Thirunageswaram, Kumbakonam District, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu. It is a temple where Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar studied.

This has earned it the distinction of being the place where the song originated. Chola Nadu is the 29th Siva Thalam among the Kaveri Tenkarai Thalams, where the Devarapad has been sung.


6 km from Kumbakonam in Tanjore district on the highway to Karaikal in the southeast. Thirunageswaram is far away.

This area was known as Shanpakaranya Kshetra as it was full of Shanpaka trees.

This thalam is included among the seven places in Tirunelakudy Sapthasthan namely Tirunelakudy, Ilanthurai, Enathimangalam, Thirunageswaram, Thirubhuvanam, Thiruvidaimarudur and Maruthuvakudy.

Near this temple there is a Vaishnava temple called Thiruvinnakar (Oppiliappan) temple.

Temple structure

The temple is situated on the south north side of the town in an area of ​​630 feet and 200 feet at the top.

Adjacent to the temple is the Mada Vilagam and next to it are four streets. There are four tower gates in four directions with beautiful sculptures.

Next to the temple walls is a large prakaram. There is a garden on the north side. Next to the East Gopura Gate are Vinayagar Temple, Altar, Nandi Mandapam and Flag Tree.

On the south the pond is in the form of a double mandapa with an ancient bat on all four sides. On the north side there is a chariot-shaped hall. The temple begins with a central tower gate structure.

Next to the Gopura gate is the large prakaram and the Thiruchuthu mandapam along its side walls. Near the Lord is the Briyannudal Sannidhi. Krikujambigai Sannidhi stands as a separate temple.

The body image. So there is no Abhishekam. Punugu is poured only in the month of Tai.

The specialty of the temple
It is a place of worship of Iragu, Tatsaka, Karkodaka, Adiseshan and Vasuki

Place of Rahu

At the south west corner of the main prakara is the Rahu shrine. Rahu’s birth history and planetary aspect are full of flavor.

Rahu was born as the son of a royal king and an asura clan woman.

Asuras and devas ate the ocean of milk, the demon Rahu transformed himself into the ranks of the devas and took nectar from Lord Vishnu and ate it.

Knowing the truth, Mahavitnu hit him on the skull with a bag in his hand and fell down. Yet there was life in his head because of the glory of nectar.

Rahu repented of his mistake and prayed to the Lord, and the Lord gave him the body of a snake and made him a shadow planet. It has the honor of being the special place of Lord Rahu among Navagraha places.

Although Rahu, the best planet of Shiva devotees, is exalted in some places, the second Prakaram of Naganathaswamy Temple is seen sitting alone in the temple as Mangala Rahu along with his two deities, Nagavalli and Nakanni.

As his color is blue, not only the clothes he wears, but also the milk that is poured on his head during the Baalbhishekam performed on him, and when the milk flows from his head and falls on his body, we can see the miracle that the color of the milk also turns blue. The best flower for him is Mandara.

Mangala Rahu is seated in a separate shrine with his two deities Nagavalli and Nagakanni in the south west corner of the 2nd prakaram of this temple.

If you are not getting married, you are not having peace in your home, you are having Pitru Dosha, Kalatra Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Mangalya Dosha in your horoscope, you can worship Lord Rahu by doing Balabhishekam, Archana and Homam.

Sage Bhrigu used to worship only Lord Shiva in Kailayam. Enraged by this, Parvati did severe penance to Lord Shiva in the form of Ardhanareeswarar.

The Lord, pleased with Parvati’s penance, gave her half of His body and became a part of Him. She prayed that the form of Ardhanareeswarar should be located in many places in the world.

Accordingly Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appear in the form of Ardhanareeswarar at this place. The Lord’s name is Nageswara. Swayambu blesses as Murthy. The name of the goddess is Praiyani Amman.

On Mahashivaratri, Rahu worshiped Lord Naganath Swamy and attained death. Thus he stayed in Thirunageswaram as Mangala Rahu along with his wives Nagavalli and Nagakanni to have darshan of Shiva every day.

Temple a day-Thirunaageswaram


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)