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Auspicious Year Ani 32, Saturday, July 16, 2022

Tithi : Later Chaturthi till 01:27 PM Tithi

Nakshatra : Avitam till 03:10 PM then Sathayam

Yoga : Ayushman till 08:49 PM, after that Saubhagyam

Karanam : Patrai till 01:27 PM then Bhavam till 12:03 AM then Balavam.

Tamil Year, Date – Subakirtu, Ani 32 ^
Day – Top view day
Crescent – Crescent Didi
Krishna Paksha Day – Jul 15 04:39 PM – Jul 16 01:27 PM
Krishna Paksha Chaturthi – Jul 16 01:27 PM – Jul 17 10:49 AM

Inauspicious period
Iraq – 9:04 AM – 10:39 AM
Emangandam – 1:50 PM – 3:25 PM
Bath – 5:54 AM – 7:29 AM

Auspicious time
Abhijit Period – 11:49 AM – 12:40 PM
Amrita period – None
Brahma Mukurtam – 04:18 AM – 05:06 AM
Tamil Yoga
Siddha Yoga Upto – 03:10 PM

Sun and Moon time

Sunrise – 5:54 AM
Sunset – 6:35 PM
Chandraudayam – Jul 16 9:18 PM
Chandrasthamanam – Jul 17 9:17 AM
Chandrashtamam: Punarpoosam

Today in History:

  1. City of San Diego founded (1769)
  2. Europe’s first banknote issued in Sweden (1661)
  3. King Haile Selassie promulgated Ethiopia’s first constitution (1930).
  4. The Mont Blanc tunnel connecting France and Italy opened (1965



Tomorrow you will have to face unnecessary problems with your partners in business. There may be tension in the transaction.

Even if the income is modest, the household needs will be met. If you act frugally, the debts will be reduced to some extent. You will get support from friends.


Auspicious events will be held in the family tomorrow due to the visit of relatives. Children will behave responsibly.

Friends are a great help in your development. Business wise economy will be good. Native will get profit through assets.


Tomorrow you will complete any activity with determination. The visit of a relative will bring happiness in the home. Children’s studies will improve.

New friendships can be made on official trips. Profits in business will be enormous. Savings will rise.


There will be an unhappy situation in the family tomorrow. Due to your carelessness in business, you will face unexpected and unnecessary problems.

In any case it is better to be calm. Colleagues will get cooperation at work. Debts will decrease.


Economy will be better for you tomorrow. Children will get happy news.

Efforts will be fruitful. Officers will get good progress in work. Rivalries in business will decrease.


Business will be good for you tomorrow. It is an auspicious day to start auspicious endeavors.

Disagreements with children will disappear. Officers get dignity and respect at work. Cash flow will be generous.


There will be happy events in the family tomorrow. Children will be proud. Marriage negotiations will take place.

Involvement in deity worship. Collection of old arrears. Efforts to purchase modern industrial tools will bring success.


Tomorrow there will be opportunities to develop your speaking skills. You will be interested in buying new things.

Siblings lend a helping hand. There will be good progress in business. Problems in the family will be solved. Bank savings will increase..


Tomorrow there will be unity and peace in the family. You will be active and get rid of the health problems.

Success in charitable endeavors. Some people have the urge to buy new vehicles. Business wise economy will be good.


Happy events will happen in the family tomorrow. Children will make good progress in their studies.

New business related projects will bring success. For some, there will be opportunities to go abroad for work. You will enjoy buying new things.


Everything you touch tomorrow will end in success. Obstacles in auspicious endeavors will be removed. The intention of buying new tools related to business will be fulfilled.

Co-workers in the office will benefit. There will be happiness in the family due to auspicious expenses.


Tomorrow there will be a situation where you can spend auspiciously in the family. The visit of close relatives will bring joy. Children’s health will be better.

Interest in buying clothes and jewelery will increase. Problems at work will be reduced and there will be peace.


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)