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Temple a day-Thiruvenkaadu


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A temple-Truvenkadu per day

Name of God: Suvedharanyeswarar, Venkatu Nadhar.

Divine name: Brahmavidyanayaki.

Sthala tree: Al, Kannai, Vilvam, Arasu

Theertha: Three (Solar, Lunar and Agni Theerthas; first the Agni, then the Surya and finally the Lunar Theerthas)

Worshippers: Sambandhar, Appar, Sundarar, Manikkavasaka, Kapiladeva Nayanar, Paranadeva Nayanar, Pattinathup Pillaiyar, Sekizhar, Brahman, Indra, White Elephant, Sivapririyar, Vedarashi, Suvetaketu, Suvedan, Vishnu, Surya, Chandran, Agni, Agathiyar, Narada, Vyagrabhadra, Krishna Dwaipayan.

Suvedharanyeswarar temple

Tiruvengadu Suvedharanyeswarar Temple is a temple where four religious saints Sambandhar, Appar, Sundarar and Manikkavasakar got hymns.

It is a Devar song place located in Sirkazhi circle of Mayiladuthurai district. It is considered to be the proper place for Mercury.

Indra, the white elephant worshiped at Thalamenpatu. Chola country is the 11th Shiv Thalam located in the Cauvery Vadakarai Thalams among the places that have received Devara songs.

Lord Shiva graces here as Swayambu Murthy.

Asura, a doctor who was blessed by Brahma, caused suffering to the gods. As blessed by Lord Shiva, the Devas were living in Thiruven forest.

Asura came to Thiruvengat and fought with the gods. Asura got penance towards Shiva and got a mace and struck Ritaba Deva with the mace and injured him.

Ritaba Devar appealed to Shiva and Shiva got angry. Then Agora Murthy appeared from the Esanya face, one of his five faces.

On seeing this form of Agora, the demon surrendered to Shiva and worshiped him.

At the feet of the surrendered Asura Agora Murthy and the wounded Ritaba Devar Suvedharanyavarar Swamy can still be seen in the Mandapam.

It is the most famous and special place of prayer in South India. It is Mercury’s house in Navagraha.

Temple a day-Thiruvenkaadu

Just as there is a Vishnu Padam in Kashi, here Rudra Padam is under the Vadaval Vridksa. He is also known as Thiruvengadar, Thiruvengattu Devar, Thiruvengadaiyar, Thiruvengatuda Nayanar, Thiruvengattu Peruman.

Four abhishekams are performed daily to Spatika Lingam and six abhishekams to Lord Nataraja per year.

Tiruvenkadu Headline in Valmiki Ramayana Tiruvenkadu is known as “Swedharanya Kshetram” in vernacular.

Valmiki Ramayana:

“Sabhapada Garobhuman Tahyamana Sarakni
Narutreneva vinirtakta svetaranye yadantagaha”
“Ramapiran slayed the Kara and Dushana demons just as Svedaranyesvara had slain in Yamanai Svedaranya Kshetra.” Valmiki Ramayana mentions Lord Thiruvenkattu.


Agoramurthy is the 43rd form of Lord Shiva out of 64 forms. Agoramurthy darshan at Tiruvenkat is special.

Adi Chidambaram:

Natarasasabha is located in Sepparai like Thillai; The crystal lingam inside is anointed like thillai. Chidambara also has a secret.

This town is referred to as Adi Chidambaram. Nataraja Murthy performed the Nava Dandavam (Ananda Dandavam, Kali Nrudtam, Gauri Dandavam, Muni Nrudtam, Sandhya Dandavam, Tripura Dandavam, Bhujanga Lalitam, Samhara Dandavam, Baishadanam) here.

In Chidambaram, the murti that dances auspiciously and gives salvation, stands here and gives benefits for this life and the next.


Mercury is said to be the principal place of remedial places.
The drops of water that Lord Shiva shed from his three eyes during Ananda Thandava are Agni, Surya and Chandra Tirthas.

It is said to be a remedy for students who are not interested in their studies.

Temple a day-Thiruvenkaadu


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)