Friday, March 31, 2023



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17-07-2022, Adi 01, Sunday, Chaturthi Tithi till 10.50 a.m. and then Teipirai Panchami.

Sadayam Nakshatra till 01.25 am and then full moon.

Siddha Yoga throughout the day.

Aadi festival.

Ragu Period – 04.30 – 06.00 PM,

Yama Kandam – 12.00 pm – 01.30 am,

Guligan – 03.00 – 04.30 PM,

Subha Horais – Morning 7.00 – 9.00, Day 11.00 – 12.00, Afternoon 02.00 – 04.00, Evening 06.00 – 07.00, Night 09.00 – 11.00.



Everything you do for your zodiac sign will be successful. Expected help from friends will come to hand.

Auspicious results will result in marital auspiciousness. There will be a chance to sign new contracts. All household needs will be fulfilled.


Your sign will have new hope and enthusiasm. Disagreements with children in the family will disappear.

A meeting of friends will bring happiness. You will enjoy buying new things. The stagnation in business will be removed and profits will be available.


Although your zodiac sign has a generous income, so do the expenses. There may be delays in marriage attempts.

Friends will benefit. Elders in the family will be comforting. Women’s workload at home will be reduced. There will be peace of mind.


Because your sign has Chandrashtama, there will be obstacles and delays in doing things. It is better not to invest big amount in business.

It is best to avoid talking unnecessarily to people you don’t know. Anything needs attention.


Everything you do for your zodiac sign will be successful. The visit of relatives brings happiness in the home.

Long time wishes of women will be fulfilled. You will succeed in making new projects for business development. There will be opportunities to increase income.


You will be happy to receive good news from the children of your zodiac sign. Expenses in the family will be prohibitive.

Regrets with parents will go away. Health will improve. Obstacles in auspicious endeavors will be removed and favorable results will result.


Your zodiac sign may suffer financially. There will be sluggishness in physical health, weakness of hands and feet.

It is better to put some thought into new ventures. Brothers and sisters will get positive results in the way. Some people have an addiction to luxury goods.


Family unity may decrease due to people born under your zodiac sign. Unexpected wastes will be caused by children.

Beneficial endeavors will yield some favorable results. Money problems will reduce a bit. Business ventures require attention.


Good news will arrive in search of a home for your zodiac sign. There will be prosperity in the family. Help comes from the expected place at the right time.

The visit of close relatives will bring happiness. You will enjoy buying new things. Debt problem will be solved.


Your zodiac will have wasteful expenses in the family. Children may cause mental problems. Native assets will be beneficial.

Co-borns will be helpful. With the help of great people, the problems in business will be reduced to some extent.


Inflow of money will be good for your zodiac sign. The effects on physical health will be removed and progress will be made. Costs can be kept down by being lean.

The stagnation in business will be removed and there will be progress. Good news will come through siblings.


Unexpected wasteful expenses will happen to your zodiac sign. Unnecessary problems arise in the family.

It is better not to argue with elders and act with moderation in any matter. Support from friends will bring happiness. Loans will decrease slightly.

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)