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Temple a day-Vaitheeswarankoil


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Temple a day-Vaitheeswarankoil

Temple a day-Vaitheeswarankoil

Vaideeswaran Temple
“If you take a bath in this Tiru Kurkulam, it is said that all diseases will be cured. By stepping on this temple, it is said that witchcraft etc. will also be removed.

It is one of the best places of worship in the South. Vellore is the source of the song for Punturu. It is commonly called Vaideeswaran temple by many people.

This Thiruthalam is the 16th place on the north bank of the Cauvery in Chola Valanat, Tanjore district and is also a steam train station with the name Vaideeswaran Temple on the Indian reserve route.

The temple here is one of the oldest and most famous of the 27 temples belonging to Darumaiyadeen.

Name Reason:

Grass (Jatayu). The point is named Vellore because these four, namely Riku (Rigveda), Vel (Murugan) and Ur (Sun) have been applied to it.

And Sadayu Puri, Gandhapuri, Vedapuri and Angarakapuram because of the worship of Angarakan and Ambikapuram because of the worship of Ambigai.

It has many names like Vinathirthan Temple, Thaiyalanaiki Temple and Vaideeswaran Temple in the case.

Temple Structure:

A temple with four towers and high walls. It has the Lord’s sanctum towards the west.

Ambal Sannidhi is facing South. Ganesan in the south and Bhairava in the west. I also bowed down to the warrior in the eastern part of the East.

Through the song ‘Puntarku Veluripoi’ we can know that Vaidyanatha Swamy temple is guarded by Ganapati in the south, Bhairava in the west, Kali in the north and Veerabhatra in the east.

Temple Theertham:

The Chidhamirtha Theertha inside the temple is special. It has a hall and stairs in all four purams and a fountain hall in the middle.

Here in the Krita Yuga, an incident took place where Lord Kamadenu carried the Thirumanjanam with his breast.

It is said to have multiplied as a holy tirtha and settled here. Due to this it got the name of Gokshara Theertha.

Sage Sadananda was doing penance here when he was chased by a snake and a frog jumped into the water and broke his penance.

The sage cursed that snakes and frogs should not bathe in the pond, so it is said that frogs do not live in this pond.

It is said that bathing in this Tiru Kurkulam cures all diseases.

Dissolving jaggery in Noyithira pond and mixing salt and pepper in a wooden box in Prakaram is a practice that is still practiced today.

Apart from Siddamirtha Theertha there are other Theerthas like Gotanda Theertha, Gautama Theertha, Vilva Theertha, Angasandana Theertha and Munivar Theertha.

Temple a day-Vaitheeswarankoil


Swami’s name is Srivaithyanathan, Vaideeswaran, Ambal’s name is Sreethayalanayaki, Murugan is known as Selvamuthu Kumaran.

In Vaideeswaran temple known as Kolilithalam, Navagraha can be seen in a straight line behind the shrine of Iswaran praying for the cure of diseases.

Angaraka Thala is due to the cure of Angaraka’s disease. Mars has its own Sannidhi.

Along with the Mula idol there is also the Utsava idol Angaraka. Both are separate shrines.

People with Angaraka dosha come here and worship and get rid of the dosha.

Next to the Navagraha are the 63 Nayanmars, Saptha Kanniya and the seated figure of Dhanvantri Siddha, the master of Ayurveda in Vishnu swarupam.

Durga and Sahasra Lingam are also special.

Temple’s Pride:

This is the place where Murugan bought the sword to defeat Soorapadman. The Lord has arisen as Vaidyanatharai who can cure 4448 diseases and vices.

Helping him, Ambal carries a bowl of ointment, amrtha panjeevi and soil under the vilva tree, and the two become a medicinal couple who cure incurable diseases and ailments.

By stepping on this temple, it is said that witchcraft etc. will also be cured.

Sadayu Gundam:

When Ravana took Sita captive, Ravana cut off the wings of Jatayu who stopped her.

Later, when Rama came in search of Sita, Jatayu, who told what had happened, passed away at Rama’s feet.

The place where Ramabran dismembered Jadayu’s body and cremated it is called ‘Jadayu Gundam’.

Even today, there is a belief that incurable diseases can be cured by wearing the water in this kundam.

Jadayu Moksha can be seen in idol form near Jadayu Gundam. Jatayu is also a Utsava Murthy.


It is offered as an oblation of the Vaidyanath Lord for the cure of disease.

After bathing in the Vibhuti Kund (Jadayu Kund) in the temple with the waters of Chidhamirtha Thirat,

While reciting the five-syllable mantra “Namasivaya”, grind it in the Kulyyammi in the Muthukumara Swami Sannidhi and roll it into a ball.

The orb is given to those who have to keep it in Ambal Thiruvadi, consecrated and collected.

He will live for a long time after getting rid of disease (inflammation) and then he will attain salvation. Here Artha Samab Puja is performed to Selva Muthukumara Swami only after doing it.

Sandalwood, which is worn by Muthukumara Swami during the Arthasam Puja, is also blessed with “Nethripedi” sandalwood, which is of indescribable glory.

This sandalwood is called “worm guard”.

Sthala Virutcham:

The neem plant at the east tower gate is the tala tree. This is called “Vembadimal”. This is called Adivaidyanathapuram.


There are 6 daily pujas. Brahmotsavam will be held at Panguni. On the fifth day, Selvamuthukumaran bathed Vaidyanath and died.

As Somaskandar stood up in the Kaila during Utsavaka, Swami stood up on one side and Ambal on the other side, Selvamuthukumara Swami stood up in the middle.

The Karthika festival that comes every month is special here. On this day, thousands of people gather to perform abhisheka prayers to Selvamuthukuma Swamy.

Sandalwood abhishekam is very special among abhishekams. Darumai Adhinam Srilashri Kurumagasannidanam rises every month on Karthikai and this abhishekam takes place in the presence of the Lord.

Angarak Kshethramadalal crawls in Angarak Prakaram on Tuesdays. During the Monday weeks of the month of Karthika, there is Sangabhishekam to Lord God.

Color – Red
Jewelery – Coral
Vehicle – Swan
Grain – Dura
Karakam – earth, brother, home
God – Murugan
Taste – Astringent
Peak – Capricorn
Neesam – Cancer
Tenure – 7 years
Friendship – Sun
Enmity – Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
Equal – Venus, Saturn
Component – ​​Tuman
Temple – Vaideeswaran Temple

Open from 06:00 AM to 12:30 PM and from 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM.

Temple a day-Vaitheeswarankoil


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)