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Happy Birthday to Anbagam Kalai


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Birthday for Annan “Anbagam” Kalai

Annan Anbagam Kalai, who is named after the DMK youth wing office, Anbagam, has been a key player in the activities of youth wing for many years.

He was carrying out important tasks including planning and coordinating the travel itineraries of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister DMK leader Thalapathy.

When Tamil Nadu Chief Minister DMK leader Thalapathy was the youth secretary, Annan Kalai used to take care of all the affairs going on at its headquarters, Anbagam.

That is why he got the name Anbakam Kalai.

Annan Kalai has been a confidant of Annan Udhayanidhi who took up the post of Youth Secretary after Thalapathy.

Annan Anbagam Kalai, who was the shadow of the universally admired Chief Minister Thalapathy since his youth,

According to party rules 18 and 19, General Secretary Annan Duraimurugan has appointed him as DMK Deputy Organizational Secretary.

Annan Anbakam Kalai, who held up the arms of DMK’s commander-in-chief during the hard times,  celebrated the marriage of his son Dr. Kalai Kathiravan – SanthiyaPrasad, the chief minister and Party leader congratulated the bride and groom on 20/02/2022 at Anna Arivalayam.

Congratulating him at the wedding, the Chief Minister, spoke about Annan Kalai is as follows,

“I am very happy to host the home wedding of Anbhagam Kalai. I was overjoyed when everyone here told me about Anbagam Kalai.

Urban local body elections were held yesterday. At the same time, Anbakam Kalai’s house wedding reception was going on in the same hall yesterday evening.

Anbakam Kalai was the one who kept following me from jail to Gopalapuram.

I have been an MLA for 47 years from that day till today, whether I was in office or not.

I have served as Mayor. I have held many positions in the party. I have been Minister of Local Government, Deputy Chief Minister and now Chief Minister.

But not even once Anbagam Kalai requested me to do any favour. Because that’s his character.”

We are happy to congratulate Mr. Anbagam Kalai on his birthday, who is with the CM and leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam who raised his hands during various trials.

We extend our love and best wishes to him as he takes on more responsibilities and works for the special party.


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This post is also available in: Tamil