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Mappillai V. Sabareesan’s birthday


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Mappillai V. Sabareesan’s birthday

V. Sabareesan: Chief son-in-law of the first family of Tamil Nadu

40-year-old Sabareesan hails from a non-political family in Tirunelveli. He and Mrs. Senthamarai are married in love and have two children.

Mr. Sabareesan’s strengths are his communication skills, rapport with everyone in the party, allies and rivals, cheerfulness in the background, says an insider in the Chief Minister.

Mr. Sabareesan enjoys cordial relations with everyone and is friendly with Congress President Rahul Gandhi and RJD President Tejashwi Yadav.

“Unlike many others in power, he never pursues enmity, or targets rivals,” Congress president Rahul Gandhi said.

“When Mr. Sabareesan came up with new ideas and cinematic videos about the Chief Minister, many people asked him if he was making a film.

DMK’s song ‘Stalin thaan varraru vidiyal thara porara’ was very popular in this election. “His efforts paid off,” the Tamil Nadu chief minister DMK leader once said.

Mr.Sabareesan, how many schools are there in Tamil Nadu and what is their quality? What educational programs are available? What do students expect in new schools?

What do parents expect? How are the top schools in the world doing? All that statistically, with evidence,

He prepared a project from the ground up and gave it to Chief Minister M.K.Stalin.

Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, who was shocked, said, “How did you get all this information? Did any officers help?” When asked, Mr. Sabareesan replied with a cool smile

Stalin was taken aback when he said, “I have a data team for this alone.”


Mr. Sabareesan is an Non-egoistic person. The Murasoli coral festival was held when the artist was ill. Then you have to go to each press office and give that invitation.

The work cannot be done by handing it over to party elders. They will regret it. Similarly, the newspaper bosses who send the less important people, can’t get them to meet the Asians?

Thalapathy M.K.Stalin was also over busy at that time with the work of meeting and giving invitations to all Indian leaders, coordinating the ceremony and preparation for the ceremony.

When he was thinking about what to do, without any ego, he said, “Mr. Sabareesan came down saying that I am doing the work of giving invitations”.

As mentioned, he himself went to all press offices and handed out invitations to the Murasoli Coral Festival.

Mappillai V. Sabareesan’s birthday

Such character and ability to act according to the situation raised Mr. Sabareesan’s value to Chief Minister M. K. Stalin.

Apart from that, Sabarisan, who was DMK’s data analyst for 2016 assembly elections, 2019 parliamentary elections and 2021 assembly elections, also decided how DMK’s online advertisements should be.

On his birthday, the multi-faceted Mappillai of Tamil Nadu, we wish him even more party philanthropy.


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This post is also available in: Tamil