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“Happy Streets” in Annanagar IInd Avenue


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“Happy Streets” in Annanagar IInd Avenue

“Happy Street” has arrived in Chennai, a mass organized by the Chennai Corporation!

In an effort to encourage people to travel towards a healthy lifestyle, a ‘Happy Street’ program was held in Chennai today.

Anna Nagar
Anna Nagar is one of the busiest places in Chennai. Being the prime location of Chennai city, this area always sees heavy vehicular traffic.

In this situation, a ‘Happy Street’ program was held yesterday in Anna Nagar, Chennai which is always busy as an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Streets

According to this, motor vehicle traffic including bus, motorcycle, car was completely banned in that area and various sports competitions were held.

In other words, fun games such as bambaram vidtullam, volley ball shooting and karate and silambam were given.

Traffic diversion:

Places where traffic is prohibited are: From Bluestar junction to 2nd Nilaysalya on 2nd Nilaysalya within the limits of Annanagar Traffic Police Station.

Traffic was completely blocked from 6 am to 9 am till 3rd Main Road junction (Nalli Silks).

Chennai Corporation

Tamil Nadu Health Minister M. Subramanian, Chennai Corporation Commissioner Gagan Deep Singh Bedi also participated in the Happy Street program.

Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal participated in various programs including cycling.

Minister M. Subramanian’s speech Following this, Health Minister M. Subramanian said,

Minister M. Subramanian

This is a great initiative that has been started to create awareness about physical activities.

Motor vehicle traffic has been banned at certain places in Chennai ECR and Besant Nagar areas so that people can engage in walking, cycling, jogging etc.

So that people can enjoy walking, cycling, jogging etc. at that particular time.

People need more awareness. Such programs help create awareness among people. This is what he said.

It’s a happy moment,” said the participants of the Happy Street show, which gave a lot of excitement.

This road is always very busy in the morning. Whenever there is traffic jam like car, motorcycle, bus and the resulting noise and noise pollution is high.

Currently it is silent without these. Traditional games like Silambam are also conducted to encourage physical activity among the people.

Sports events like skating, badminton and tennis were also held.

It was very exciting to be a part of it.”

Suganathan, who is part of the organizing committee of Happy Street, which is held at 8 locations, said, “Happy Street is about having fun on the street.

We can play our favorite game in the street. You can play any sport like basketball, cricket, tennis. We can play our favorite games like Bambaram and Goli.

We are planning to hold this program on all 52 Sundays.

The event will be held at the same place for 5 weeks. The event will be held at 8 more locations in the same manner, one location every remaining 5 weeks.

Eight places in Chennai are being selected for this,” he said.

“Happy Streets” in Annanagar IInd Avenue


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)