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Pickleball getting popular in Chennai


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Pickleball getting popular in Chennai

Combining the elements of three racquet sports, this game has increased the interest of many people in the city of Chennai

Pickle Ball was introduced in Western countries and is now widely played in India as well.

It is a combination of tennis and badminton games.

This game appeals to people of all ages and according to 2018 statistics, 30 lakh people are playing it globally.

There are almost 2000 pickleball players in India.

45 players participated in this sports competition held recently in Chennai.

Competitions were held throughout the day starting at 9 am.

Former Indian Badminton player Dr Yuva Dayal and Indian Badminton player Rajesh Krishnan were the chief guests on the occasion.

Pickle Ball is becoming popular in Chennai

Medals, shields and certificates were presented to the winners during the award ceremony.

The matches were held in Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Boys’ Singles and Mixed Doubles categories.

Aimed at improving people’s health, this competition during the pandemic,

Social distancing is played with a new technique to cheer up the people who are suffering from lockdown and stress.

Mumbai-based Sunil Walavalkar is delighted that the sport is spreading rapidly across the country.

Sunil, the company secretary, is believed to have introduced the sport of pickleball to India after he found families playing it during visits to Canada in 1999 and later in 2006.

Sunil returned to India with a few paddles and balls, determined to introduce them to his family and friends.

Due to his non-stop demos in the neighborhood, he soon earned the nickname Uncle Pickle Ball in his neighborhood. Sunil founded the All India Pickle Paul Association (AIPA) in 2008.

“It’s grown a lot since then,” he says, “and in recent years, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the sport.

A basic serve takes six months to complete in tennis.

With pickle ball you can learn the whole game in an hour or two.”

Pickleball getting popular in Chennai

Pickle Ball is well-suited to Indian conditions given the country’s demographics, asserts Sunil.

“This is a great cardio workout for those who want to stay fit. According to recent competitions,

India currently has around 6,000-7,000 players,” admits Arvind Prabhu, president of AIPA.

32-year-old Yogesh Ramchandani from Chennai is involved in the construction industry.

He’s never hosted a game of pickleball before, but now, his weekly routine includes a few hours of pickleball with friends.

“Even if you haven’t played any sport in a while, you can pick up a paddle and play,” he says, “pickle ball, after all, is fun.”

Pickleball is a popular tournament in Chennai

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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)