Tuesday, March 21, 2023



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19-07-2022, Adi 03, Tuesday, Sashti Tithi till 07.50 AM followed by Teipirai Saptami.

Uttaradi Nakshatra till 12.11 pm and then Revathi.

Amrit Yoga till 12.11 PM then Siddha Yoga.

Muruga worship is good.

Ragu Period 03.00-04.30 PM,

Yama Kandam 09.00-10.30 am,

Guligan 12.00-1.30pm,

Shuba Horais 8.00-9.00 AM, 12.00-01.00 PM, 04.30-05.00 PM, 07.00-08.00 PM, 10.00-12.00 PM.



Your zodiac sign will feel a bit tired and inactive. Health needs attention.

Even if the cash flow is generous, the expenses will be incurred accordingly. It is better for officers to be careful in their work. Family will support you.


There will be a happy family atmosphere for your zodiac sign. Physical health will be better. Children will be supportive.

There will be success in business related litigation matters. Cash flow will be generous. There will be addition of clothing and accessories.


For your zodiac sign, the financial situation in the family will be good. Efforts will improve.

You may have to travel abroad for work. Even enemies can act as friends in business. Physical health will be stable. Debt problem will be solved.


Official foreign trips will cause disturbances for your sign. There will be disruptions in auspicious endeavors.

It is better to avoid unnecessary expenses. Small changes in business can bring good profits. Help is available through friends.


Your zodiac sign will make you look tired and depressed. Since your sign is Chandrashtamam, it is better to exercise patience in any activity.

It is good not to interfere in other people’s problems. Avoid new business ventures.


Sudden inflows will occur to your zodiac sign. Children will get happy news. You will be interested in buying luxury items.

Economic needs are met. Profits in business will increase more than expected. Savings will rise.


Employees of your zodiac sign will get promotions based on their skills at work. You will complete the task well.

The arrival of close relatives will bring happiness to the family. Some people enjoy buying luxury goods. Good things will come.


For your zodiac sign, you will accomplish anything with excellence. Good news will come through relatives.

Expected help is easily available from close ones. Siblings are helpful. There will be chances of promotion for some people at work.


Your zodiac sign will have a little less cash flow. There will be unexpected problems at work. There will be differences of opinion among family members.

The native will get favorable results from assets. You will get parental love. Deity worship brings peace.


Income will be modest for your zodiac sign. Expectations from friends can be disappointing.

There will be minor ailments in the body and care should be taken in the matter of food. If you act frugally, you can avoid money problems. Relatives will get advantage.


Family peace will decrease for your sign. Avoiding luxury expenses can avoid money problems. The workload for the officers will increase slightly.

Immovable assets are beneficial. Efforts made for business development will bear fruit.


Your rasi will have auspicious expenses in the family. Help is available from the expected location without delay.

You will get to meet new people on foreign trips. Good things happen on the children’s way. Bargaining will be profitable. Business will be good.



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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)