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Great Unreleased Films


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Great Unreleased Films

Hello Sindhinga9News readers! We are constantly seeing many interesting cinema news on our website.

In that way, in this article, we will find some great movies in Tamil cinema that started with critical acclaim and then went unreleased.


Kamal Haasan’s dream movie, Marudhanayagam, was very demonstratively screened. The then Chief Minister Karunanidhi and Elizabeth Rani who had come to India participated in the puja of the film.

The film was announced to tell the story of a hero who was born as Maruthanayakam and became Muhammad Yusuf Khan.

Crores of rupees were melted in just 30 minutes of the show. So the film never came out till today.

There can be no alternative opinion that the pride of Tamils ​​would have come as a great film.

Druva Natchathram:

The film was originally planned to be directed by Gautham Menon and directed by Suriya.

Later, Vikram comes in after his breakup with Surya. The film also developed rapidly.

Rituvarma acted opposite Vikram. The teaser of this film, which is about an Indian agent dealing with terrorists, was well received.

However, the film stands as it is for Gautham to blow up the films.

Caste of love:

Kadhal Saadi is a critically acclaimed film directed by Kasthuri Raja and composed by Ilayaraja.

Prakashraj played the main role as the villain. The songs of the film were well received.

Posters of the film were pasted all over Chennai. I don’t know why. The film never came out.


Directed by Karthik Naren, the film, which was supposed to come after the success of Dhruvangal 16, never came out.

Arvind Samy, Sharia Saran and many others acted in this film.

This film, which was supposed to be released three years ago, is still not released due to a conflict between the producer and the director.

Additional information is that Gautham Menon was the first producer of this creation.

Sabash Naidu:

Kamal tried to make a solo comedy with Sabash Naidu, the much-talked-about character of Kamal Haasan starrer Dasavatharam.

It featured Telugu comedian Brahmanandam in the lead role.

At that time, Kamal was hit on the leg and suffered a fracture.

Since then the film was shelved due to busyness with other films.

Madhajaraja was directed by Sundar C and starred Vishal, Varalakshmi, Anjali and others.

The release date of the film was announced and pushed back several times due to producer issues.

Vishal personally wanted to buy this film and release it. But that attempt failed.

This film was well received at that time but was not released.

Rendavadhu Padam:

C.S. Amuthan attracted attention with his first Tamil film. The film made fun of many Tamil films and became a success.

So there were good expectations for this film. Directed with Vimal, Akash Aravind and Richard, this film was not released.

Great Unreleased Films


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This post is also available in: Tamil