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Tamil Day Kali: 5124 Subakritu Year. Audi, 4
Wednesday (Wednesday)
Today’s Sunrise at 06:05 AM
Today’s Sunset at 06:42 PM

A good day to naming ceremony, ear piercing, offer food at temple, wear jewelry, sow seeds, travel, Kumbabishekam, start building a house, drink medicine, cut a pond, do good deeds.


Teipirai (Krishna Paksham), Saptami, till 20-07-2022 07:41 AM
Construction of house, Sami bowing, marriage, installation of Sami idol, relocation, ploughing, wearing jewelery can be done on Saptami Tithi.

Rahu time is 12:23 PM to 01:58 PM
Yamangandam 07:39 AM to 09:14 AM
Guligan 10:49 AM to 12:23 PM

Weekdays North, Northeast until 12:29 PM; Remedy: Milk
Yoga – Death Yoga
(Any actions done in this will not work for common zodiac sign people)

Chandrashtamam – Leo (Simmam)



Aries lovers, tomorrow is going to be a lucky day for you. Money will come to you from where you least expect it.

You will get profit from native assets. You will get gifts and appreciation in the office. Students will excel in studies.


Taurus people, tomorrow is the day when all your efforts will pay off. You will try any activity and succeed.

Your efforts will be rewarded. You will be happy with your family. You will have career growth.


Tomorrow is going to be a compassionate day for you Gemini lovers. You will get support from your family. This way you will see your career grow.

You will also get help from your friends. Auspicious events will be held in the family. You will start new endeavors. Students will get good marks.


Cancer lovers, tomorrow is your day to rest. You may feel a bit uneasy with your previous work.

The rest you take tomorrow will benefit your body and mind. Your family members will support you. You will feel happy. Students will feel safe.


Leo lovers, tomorrow is going to be a good day for you. Everything you touch will happen.

Tomorrow you have Chandrashtama and there will be worries in your mind due to which you will not concentrate on your work. Students will feel good skills.


Virgo lovers, tomorrow is a day of yoga for you. All the things you expected will end in success. You will get promotion.

Auspicious events will come in your family. Newly married people will be blessed with children. Lucky money will come to some. Students will get good name in school.


Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day for you Libras. By what you do you will rise to the top of fame.

Your hard work has made you famous. Your family will be proud of you.


Tomorrow is going to be a friendly day for you Scorpios. You have a large circle of friends. You have more friends to help you when you need it.

There will be happiness in the family. You value your friendship. You will get luck through office workers. There will be business development.


Tomorrow is going to be a competitive day for you, Sagittarius. You will have to compete with many people in your profession. The competition you put up will bring you success.

Students will score high marks in competitive exams and pass. Avoid competition with superiors in the office. Healthy competition will bring you success.


Capricorn lovers, tomorrow is a promising day for you. You will get more income in your business. Income will be high. You avoid unnecessary expenses.

Earnings will come from your expected location. Earnings in business will take you to great heights.


Tomorrow is going to be a great day for you, Aquarians. The success you have been waiting for will come to you. Every action you take with focus will bring you greater success.

You will become more valuable in your family. Effort will take you to the next level.


Tomorrow is going to be a successful day for you, Pisces. You will achieve success in whatever you start. Your career will grow.

Your new venture will help your career progress. Those who work in the office will get appreciation.

Your talent will bring you success in everything you do. Students will succeed in studies.



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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)