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Temple a day-Chennimalai


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Temple a day-Chennimalai

Thiruthalam Chennimalai Subramaniasamy 
Moolavar:  Subramaniaswamy (Tandayuthapani)
Amman: Amrita Valli, Sundara Valli
Sthala Virutcham: Tamarind
Thirtham: Mamangam
Agama: Karana, Kamika Agama
Puranic name: Pushpagiri, Karaigiri, Makudagiri
Village: Chennimalai
District: Erode

Chennimalai Murugan Temple is situated at an altitude of 1749 feet above sea level. Chennimalai Thiruthalam is located about 28 kilometers from Erode district on the highway to Tarapuram.

Sthala Purana:

Once upon a time Nagarjuna named Anantan and Vayu Deva had many trials.

Vayu Deva tried to free Mount Meru from Anantan’s grip by blowing strongly to wrap around Anantan Mahameru Parudhatam.

Then the peak of Meru broke off and flew away and fell in the country of Poonthurai. Achikara region is also given as Siragiri, Pushpagiri, Makudagiri and Chennimalai.

Sthala History:

Every evening, when the flocks return to the tank, only the Karam cow separates and sits at a certain place in her lap at a certain distance.

After a few days, he observed that the cows were coming back to the herd after scratching all the milk automatically, and made them dig the soil in that particular place.

After digging about 5 / 6 feet deep, everyone was surprised to find a stone with a full face.

The farmer took the Vigraha and worshiped it, claiming that the Lord who possessed him had come and fell into a state of ecstasy.

After examining the vigraha, the face of the vigraha is beautifully decorated with good work up to the waist, and the foot below the waist is rough without proper work.

He considered it a flaw and began to chisel away that part with the best sculptor, and the spot bled.

Everyone who saw this got scared and stopped cleaning further.

The farmer repented of his misdeeds and rejoiced that the Lord was pleased to remain like this, worshiped with reverence and erected a small temple on the nearby hill and consecrated this idol.

Historians believe that Thandayuthapani was sitting on the throne in person on Chennimalai hill.

As a proof of this, the graceful Tandayuthapani Murtham can be seen even today with a full face and no work below the waist.

Temple structure:

There is a 1320-step stairway for easy access by devotees and a 4-km long Dharsalai for vehicles.

Shaded pavilions, drinking water facilities and electric lights have been installed along the steps for safety at night.

In the mountain temple, Arulmiku Valli is located behind the Moolavar shrine, Deivanai shrine alone and Binnakaku Siddhar shrine alone behind this.

Double oxen locked cart

On 12.02.1984, a cart locked by twin cows went up the hill through 1320 tirupadis and this is where the miracle took place.

Five Tiered Raja Gopuram

In 2005, the construction of a new five-tiered Rajagopuram was started and in 2013, the work was completed at a cost of around 2 crores, and the Kumbabhishekam was performed on 07.07.2014.

The canopy of the newly built five-tier Raja Gopuram is unique in that it is fitted with chain links made of single stone.

Markandeya Theertha

“Murti, Talam, and Thirtham are the perfect place to speak to those who have worshiped them,” said Thayumanavavar, and this Chennimalai is the temple where all three are located.

Variyar Swamigu used to say that the resolution of verbs is called Tirtha. It is our ancestral tradition to worship the Theerthas as Bhagavata Soorupam.

How sacred is the deity in the temple! It is said in the Shastras that there is the same amount of Tirtha in the head.

And the tirthas there cause the Lord to freeze at a place.

1) Agni Theertha, 2) Agathya Theertha, 3) Indra Theertha, 4) Himaya Theertha, 5) Isaana Theertha, 6) Kashi Theertha, 7) Kali Theertha,

8) Krithika Theertha, 9) Kubera Theertha, 10) Sashti Theertha, 11) Chamundi Theertha, 12) Sarathambikai Theertha, 13) Subramanya Nedumal Theertha, 14) Devi Theertha, 15) Navaveera Theertha, 16) Nrithir Theertha,

17) Nedumal Theertha, 18) Patsi Theertha, 19) Brahma Theertha, 20) Mamanga Theertha, 21) Markandeya Theertha, 22) Varadi Theertha, 23) Varuna Theertha, 24) Vayu Theertha.

Although many other Theerthas are well told in the history of this place, Immarkandeya Theertha has been specially set up as Theppakulam by our forefathers.

Temple a day-Chennimalai

Sthala Virutcham:

The local tree of this temple is Dinduruni (tamarind tree). The newly wedded couple, who were married, planted a patchouli plant under a tamarind tree,

The custom of worshiping the Goddess has been in practice. This tree is believed to contain the herb Santana Karani.


Devotees may wish their careers to improve, marriages to be successful, children to be born, children’s education to be improved, diseases to be cured,

After praying to get rid of debt problems, get all benefits in life and live happily, after fulfillment

It is customary to give food to the devotees, conduct a chariot ride, and offer abhisheka to the Moolavala.

Temple a day-Chennimalai


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This post is also available in: Tamil हिन्दी (Hindi)

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